Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anticipaaaation is making me late, is keeping me waaaaaaaaaaaaaiting

by Anne

As I write this there is 1 day and 15 hours until the trade deadline. Sundin has opted to not waive his no-movement clause, as is his right. It doesn't look like much is going to save Toronto's season now. Kaberle and Sundin, both players that would've brought big trades, are staying put.

I really just want a decision to be made about Soupy RIGHT NOW. When is his last game in a Sabres' uniform? Was it Saturday? Is it Monday? Will it be sometime in 2011? Or, will it be at the end of this season? Granted, we never really can answer that question for any player, but with Soupy, it's far more nerve wracking. I keep checking the Sabres website to see if anything has been announced, but obviously nothing has.

When was the last time a trade deadline passed with no Sabre moving or nothing being acquired by the Sabres? Something is going to happen, its just a matter of who's leaving, who's staying and what we get in return. We're all so focused on Soupy that I really don't think anyone has fully grappled with the fact that we could lose other players in 1 1/2 days. I don't think anyone really wants to think about that. I certainly don't. I tried to but it makes my head hurt to think about the possibilities.

Let's not forget that Kalinin, who is kind of not so great is also a UFA this season. And there has been no communication between the Sabres and Kalinin's agent. Soupy and Kalinin as one trade together would probably bring a great return for the Sabres, especially for teams that need to add depth to their defense like Tampa. Brad Richards has offered a list of teams he'd waive his no trade clause for if they were interested. I seriously doubt Buffalo is on that list, but anything is possible. Vaclav Prospal is also potential trade bait.

Now that Sundin's future is clear, the mad dash for Marian Hossa can begin. All the teams that wanted Sundin now have to look elsewhere, and Hossa is the next best thing for some teams. I'm not sure how I feel about Hossa, but I might not mind seeing him wearing the slug.

Since Columbus is out of a playoff spot, that means they'll probably be making a trade or two. Hey! Let's see if we can get Peca back! I've really been missing those "Peca's Pickles" in my grocery shopping experience.

Hell, let's suspend reality for a hot minute and say what if the Flyers traded Danny back to us? Let's start that rumor. Soupy and the Soviet Bomber for Danny. Spread the rumor. Aaaaaaaaaand go.

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