Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

by Anne

Now that we've shaken off the cobwebs and oiled up the gears, who's ready for the regular season to start? Everyone? Great! We still have more pre-season to get through? Balls.

On Saturday I went to the Sabres pre-season opener against Toronto. It was lots of fun, save for the EPICALLY long lines at the Will Call. It was bonkers. Normally Will Call is like 5 people per line and you wait maybe 5 minutes. These Will Call lines stretched almost back to the front windows of the arena and every window was open. Bananas.

The Leafs fans weren't nearly as obnoxious as they are during the regular season, looks like they still need time to get into mid-season form as well.

You don't want to read too much into pre-season but I liked the zip I was seeing out there. Gerbe, Shaonaynay and Nieds all had some nice hits and all-in-all the team had some jump in their step. After the first 10 minutes they even seemed to remember how to play the game of hockey!  For real though, the first few minutes every one of them seemed to be skating around going "WHEEEEE! GET THE PUCK GET THE PUCK OMG I HAVE THE PUCK I'M GONNA PASS IT OVER.....THERE! NO ONE'S THERE! WHO CARES! WHEEEEE!" But they calmed down after getting that out of their systems. I liked what I saw from Kassian and Adam, Scheistel seemd a little lost out there. I don't think any of them will make the team this season, but they're definitely getting closer.

The Leafs didn't give Miller much to work with but he looked his usual self out there, all "Ho-hum, Vezina" and whatnot. Enroth didn't look too bad, the goal he let in seemed to be a re-direct right in front of him. I don't remember clearly and I had just finished my second big beer at that point so things were a little fuzzy.

The vets in general were nothing too exciting, Vanek and Connolly weren't trying all that hard after the first period or so it seemed, but once again, it's pre-season. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it's just pre-season malaise and this isn't an indicator of their outlook for the season. Royzie put in al little more effort, as did Pommer, but for the most part, the most exciting players were the young ones and the ones new to the team.

But, once again, it was just the pre-season.

The tickets to the Kings game are firmly magentized to my refrigerator. I'm SUPER. PUMPED.

Also, for those who don't follow me on Twitter AND WHY DON'T YOU?! I'm starting to put together a Sabres Tweetup/Watch party for October 29 or October 30. Looking into reserving a space at a bar downtown where we can drink, eat, and watch the game, three things Western New Yorkers excel at. Let me know if you're interested in coming, or just follow me on Twitter!

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