Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Agent Day is Going to be SO LAME

by Anne

With everyone running around trying to find things to prop up the cap ceiling so they can fit in more stuff and trading away all the UFAs, it seems as though the 2nd best day of the year is going to be hella lame.

Although there is serious potential for Nabokov to totally dick over the Flyers, and that I can't wait to see if I'm reading the reports on his trade/not trade/signing/not a signing. Any time the Flyers suffer I count that in my personal "W" column.

The Predators who no one really pays attention to most of the time, have shipped away several of their biggest names and aren't bringing back Dan Ellis meaning the team is one big ol' question mark for next season. But fortunately, it's the Predators so no one is really all that concerned about how they do. I'm not, especially now that Dan Ellis is gone as he is my favorite NHL player to follow on Twitter. Well, I suppose the Preds also have Shea Weber. Yummy, yummy Shea Weber.

Everyone is basically writing it off as a foregone conclusion that Kovalchuk will be a King on Thursday. I mean, I'd be okay with it, so long as he isn't the locker room cancer he's been rumored to be. Do you think Greener can keep him in line? 

I'm also pretty tired of all this "BRIAN BURKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW?" Nothing has happened of any significance since that "okay, maybe if we switch out our entire rosters, no one will notice. Aaaaaand GO!" with the Flames a few months ago. I mean, where's this Kaberle deal? Where's the big shake-ups we've been promised. I hope they come soon.

A little sad to see Cheechoo and Kotalik on waivers. Well, Cheech more than Big Czech Al. Cheech was once a 50 goal scorer and now he'll be in the minors? Unreal. Big Czech Al is mostly deadweight. He'll enjoy playing in the KHL, I'm sure. 

In all the draft hubbub, I forgot to show my EXTREME DISPLEASURE that Big Bear has been dealt to the Florida Panthers. EW EW EW EW NO. I mean, he'll be closer to me and we'll play him more often but :( :( :(. I'm running out of ties to the Canucks, people. Kes and SOB are about all I've got left.

I miss the Sabres. When will they be coming back to us?


  1. Who cares? You got Gregg Sutch.

  2. If the Sabres acquire anyone, I think they need a blingee. Never get sick of the blingee.


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