Friday, January 22, 2010

Epic Game

by Anne

If you have ever glanced at this blog, you could proooobably figure out that while I am a Buffalo Sabres fan (the veil of mystery has been lifted) in addition to being a Los Angeles Kings fan (once again, big shockeroo). So last night, the game I circled on my calendar in July finally arrived after much anticipation.

It's easy to keep the Kings and Sabres successes and failures entirely separate on this blog and in my mind because, frankly, they almost never play each other. A Sabres victory rarely affects the Kings and vice versa. So when these two teams collide, I'm totally conflicted.

Last night's game was the first in which I didn't mind not having RJ doing the play by play. I've become accustomed to Bob Miller and Jim Fox and I knew they'd be even keeled, well-informed and respectful, no matter how the game unfolded, and they were.

Frankly, on a personal level, that game couldn't have been more perfect. And yes, I am including the final score in that. It was a close game, some nice hits, both teams scoring some big goals, huge saves, great chances and a pace that just didn't seem to quit. There were precious few moments where the crowd could sit back and relax. They were trading tough play in the offensive zone at both ends of the ice. It is true, as Bob Miller mentioned, that the Sabres are a much faster team, but the Kings stayed right with them the whole 65 minutes.

I wanted a Kings OT victory and I got a Kings SO victory. It's not that I love the Kings more. No, far from it, but the Kings just plainly needed that extra point more. The Sabres are not really being threatened by anyone else in the Northeast at the moment and the Kings are battling for a playoff spot. That extra point moved them from ninth to holding sole possession of seventh in the West.

It's such a downer when games that you've hyped up don't live up to your expectations, but that one definitely did.

They didn't hurt each other! Greener played! Woooo!

On an individual level, Myers and Tallinder were both -3. Umm, that is shameful, boys. You're supposed to be our top defesive tandem. What gives?

Sean O'Donnell and Craig Rivet scoring goals in the same game? What kind of wacky parallel universe did we find ourselves in? OD scored his first of the season December 15, 2009 but before that he hadn't scored since December 22, 2007! That's a span of 158 games, btw. Craigory hadn't scored since March 25, a paltry 56 game drought. Psh.

Vanek's power play goal was a beauty. It could not have been more textbook. He had a questionable cross-check of Dewey in front of the net, but he did what he needed to do.

Good old TIMMAH

It was a battle of the Team USA goalies as well, and Quickie came out on top. There is no secret in saying that Ryan Miller is the better goaltender, but Quickie is also five years younger than Millsy and this is only his first full season as a starting goaltender. They're very different goaltenders but I know that Quickie will only get better as he moves up, and he played very well last night.

He'll be out 4-6 weeks after twisting his knee off of his leg making this save.
Ok, no not really but hot damn.

Now I get to wait until next year to see them play again! :(

But that game was so great, I really didn't want it to end. I would've stayed up all night to watch them play.

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  1. I love how in Thomas' interview, they asked him about the non-interference call and he replied 'It looked like he dove.' Yeeeah, I saw a little shoving going about before that goal was scored, haha.


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