Sunday, January 10, 2010


by Anne

I haven't updated since Thursday cuz I have the sniffles. True story. Also because I been supa dupa busy these last few days.

Let's recap Thursday night through Saturday night, shall we?

Thursday: Kings fired 4298672356 shots on Jimmy Howard but still lost 2-1. Blahhhhh. It was a very unpleasant game. However, Greener bounced back from this sore back and delivered some hits that night. Thank you, Greene Beane.

Friday: The Sabres host the Maple Leafs and, big shockeroo, beat them 3-2. Ryan Miller got all feisty and punched Matt Stajan in the face with his blocker and it was hilarious and awesome except he got a penalty but we killed that penalty off.

He went down like a ton of bricks

Tyler Myers is real tall. He also scored some sweet goals that were of the "Sooooo I'm right here... no one's gonna stop me ok- goal."

In the net.

Three powerplays. Three shots. Three goals. Good night for the PP.... to play against the Maple Leafs abyssmal penalty kill.

Saturday: The Sabres snapped their six-game winning streak but still mustered a point after an unending shootout v. the Colorado Avalanche.

Lalime started sloppy but had some huge saves to keep the Sabres in it until the end.

I called Vanek using his around the world move in the shootout and it totally worked. Hopefully he's turning a corner? Maybe? Pleeeease? :)

He did his best.

Then the Kings lost 4-3 after the Blues scored a goal 14 seconds into the game. Oy. It was not one of Jonathan Quick's best nights as he was pulled after allowing four goals on 23 shots. The last goal he let in was the definition of a softie.

Ok, well that Lydman goal on Ves-HA! Toskalol was the definition of a softie but this one wasn't much better.

They attempted to make a comeback. Brownie and Kopi scored to make it 4-3 but that's how it ended. Lame.

But, congrats to Brandon Segal who scored his first NHL goal tonight! Good job!


The Kings need to get their butts in gear. This chick is none too thrilled with them. >:-[

Also, Greener had two fights tonight.

I haven't watched the replay of this fight. I wasn't home yet when it happened.
Why, Greener, why?
Although scanning his teammates' faces is pretty hilarious.
Zus, shave that goatee, it's like a hedge
I love Smyttie's face.
Oscar is really fascinated down there on the left.

Tonight was my last Sabres game working at HSBC Arena :( I have tickets to go to the next home game as a regular old patron. Wooo!

That is, of course, after the Sabres have their lengthy West Coast roadtrip when they'll play the Kings on the 21st and I'll be totally tormented.

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  1. I was about to shield my eyes when Thomas went in the shootout, but I'm glad I didn't, hurray! I just wish they had on. :( At least we salvaged a point!


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