Friday, December 4, 2009


by Anne

Thursday's Sabres game was totally awesome and just FLEW by. There were so few stoppages in play, that we were all to our cars by 9:30. I wasn't really complaining.

The Sabres won 6-2 to improve to 16-7-2 on the season. Wooo! Goals were scored by Grizz, Pommer, Royzie, Kennedy, Reggie and Mikey. Tim Kennedy needs a boss nickname, stat. Yes, boss.

I swear to you the entire first period was played in front of Jaroslav Halak. They just awarded the Habs three shots on goal out of pity.

All in all the game was pretty much all Sabres. It's kind of a miracle that the Habs even managed to score two goals.

On the downside, Sir Christopher sprained his ankle while stooping as a lady passed or something and might miss some time. Lindy implied that it didn't seem to be too bad, but that was just what he thought, there was no official word. We have 89 defensemen so I think we'll be ok. Also, this might give Sir Christopher a chance to sit down for a while and look at his game to see what he can improve upon.

Myers and Tallinder were both +3, Vanek had the most points with 3 (0+3) while playing on  a line with Kennedy and Grier which has shown some life as that line produced six points and was a +5. Pommer, Sekera and Grier each had a goal and an assist. Patty K fought his old BFF Paul Mara. I didn't see that one because if it happens in the last couple minutes of a period, I'm not going to see it, generally.

Teammate: Dude, I think they're underage
Monty: Yeah but HOW underage we talking? Like Dakota Fanning underage or like Miley Cyrus underage?

Reggie's face screams: "I LOVE YOU MAN."

The Kings beat the Senators to improve to 17-10-2. Anytime the Senators lose is a good time, especially when one of my teams beats them. The game was all-in-all in the Senators favor in every area except the scoreboard. The Kings never once gave up the lead and improve to 11-0-0 when leading after two. Dewey scored the game winner on an assist from Kopi who needs to start scoring, if only for my fantasy team.

Wayne Simmonds scored on the Kings' first penalty shot of the season and Brad Richardson, aka RichardFAIL, my least favorite member of the Los Angeles Kings, actually scored his second goal in as many games. Gross but good but mostly gross. Why isn't Oscar Moller up in Los Angeles yet this season? Bench Purcell, find a way to call up Moller!

Lovely jeté, Scooter

Dewey was the game's first star and he gave a stick to this kid.
I'm not sure what stick that is, but he sure looks happy about it.
Dewey uses Easton sticks, and that appears to be a souvenir stick.
I'm not sure if Dewey or that kid is happier.

I didn't write about the Kings' game the other night, the first of the Freeway Faceoff because I was tired but they played a solid game and won 4-3. They played much better in Anaheim than they did against Ottawa but they won both and that's all that matters.

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  1. I didn't even see Chris get hurt during the game and I was there. ): I thought he was scratched or something but that's because I obviously didn't pay attention to the play at the time. Poor Christopher.

    The Vanek-Kennedy-Grier line is on fire. I love it.


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