Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ves-HA! Toskala

by Anne

Well looky there. The Sabres beat the 2nd worst team in the league again! Hooray!

That first period was downright terrifying, however. The Sabres didn't register their first shot on goal til something like 12 minutes into the first. Oh heavens, it was uncomfortable. The Sabres could NOT do anything right, it was awful to experience.

What changed, you might ask? What allowed the Sabres to come around to an eventual 5-2 victory? Was it something Lindy said? Well, I'm sure he had plenty to say. Did Mike Grier and Goose employ their Good Cop/ Bad Cop routine I've envisioned that they use? Perchance.

 But, nay friends, all the Sabres needed to really turn momentum in their favor was one really awful goaltender. Stepping up to the plate tonight was one Mr. Ves-HA! Toskala, mishandling the puck like nobodies' business. First Royzie scored a nice goal to get the Sabres on the board. Well done, Derek.  Then, the momentum changing GOAL OF THE DECADE was scored by none other than.... Toni Lydman? Yes, Toni Lydman's goal was completely awesome. After he scored I walked out into the concourse and said "Toskala for Vezina!" The Leafs fan walking past was not pleased. Just watch it again, or maybe for the very first time:

I love Toni Lydman, they need to interview him more, sidenote. Here's his commentary on how he scored his first of the season:

"Usually they're really pretty," joked Lydman, who has 30 goals in 612 career NHL games. "I can't remember scoring a goal like that before."

Grier and Lydman had two points, both 1+1 while Vanek, Ellis and Roy also scored.

Somehow Staffy was a -1. He's been pretty invisible lately, come to think of it. What's wrong with Staffy?

Oh yeah and Ryan Miller like stopped a lotta shots and junk. The Maple Leafs bring out the best in him.

I love his comments on Lydman's goal, though:
"As a goaltender you feel bad for Vesa on that play," he said. "You know what he's trying to do ... he's looking for an option. But playing against the Maple Leafs, I don't really care too much."
He hates them like we do, being all full of d-baggery and being in the division and whatnot. He know just what to say to make the fans happy.

Other things of note:


No but really, don't leave again, like, to go to another team


Srsly, don't get hurt anymore

Also, things that look bad, but aren't:

That doesn't look comfy

Also, some of the Minnesota Wild's equipment was destroyed in a fire in Ottawa. How crazy and that must've smelled TERRIBLE with all that fiberglass and plastic melting combined with the usual hockey-stink that sticks to equipment. GROSS. They play the Senaturds tomorrow night. Basically what I'm getting at is Ottawa is full of people who are out to sabotage opposing teams. First the Sabres get food poisoning and now the Wild's equipment is destroyed. Conspiracies abound! I'd blame the players but they were in New Jersey. EXCEPT FOR MAYBE JASON SPEZZA AND CHRIS NEIL AND PASCAL LECLAIRE! Guilty.

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  1. I was pretty bummed at the lack of a Toni Lydman interview last night, but I will take his quotations instead, haha. I love what he said about not caring since it was the Maple Leafs.


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