Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winning Is So Much Better than Losing

by Anne

All four of my favorite teams played yesterday, and in an effort to make up for last weekends failures, they all won! Woo!

The Sabres have won three in a row! They won back to back games! One on the road! They beat Ray Emery and Danny Briere and Chris Pronger and all those other disgusting, repulsive Flyers! Wooo!

The mark of a good team isn't just winning blowouts, it's winning close games, especially on the road.

The Flyers entered last night on a five game winning streak, with one of those five games coming at the expense of the Sabres last week, jerks.

Thomas Vanek scored on the power play to open the scoring and the Sabres never looked back.

Tyler Ennis was re-called just before the game (literally) to fill in for Little Foot who was injured in the Calgary game. He had a grand total of about two hours to get acclimated to the team and the surroundings before being tossed onto a line with Vanek and Connolly. He saw time on the top powerplay unit and scored his first NHL goal! Yay!

Lookit that babyface

Happy face.
Congrats, little Tyler!

Goose tipped a Myers shot from the point on the powerplay by Emery to give the Sabres the 3-2 edge.

The downsides included Jeff Carter scoring an incredibly gross shorthanded goal and some other Flyer scored but I don't remember who because they're disgusting. I think it was Pronger.

Pat Kaleta had a great game with his usual hitting-everything-he-sees style and one incredible takeaway where he skated from the goal line to the opposite blueline and effortlessly stripped the Flyers forward of the puck. It was pretty phenomenal.

There was lots of in-crease pushing and shoving, as is to be expected when you play a team as vile as the Flyers. One particular scrum between Goose and Pronger got things fired up. Goose and Pronger were pushing and shoving a lot near Emery and Goose took serious exception to Pronger being his usual self: a total douchebag.

Pronger was being a douche after the whistle.

Goose was not happy.
He looks so hot when he's bloodthirsty

Elsewhere the Canucks routed the Avalanche 8-2. Big Bear responded to me dropping him from my fantasy team by scoring two goals. Hooray! I was out bustin' a move on the dancefloor so I did not watch this game. There were, sadly, no photos of Big Bear on the Canucks website. Tragic. Henrik Sedin had a hattrick. Hooray!

The Kings somewhat redeemed themselves with a 2-1 shootout win over the Lightning. Quickie won but I benched him because I'm not currently speaking to him. He stopped 28 of 29 pucks. That would've helped both my team's GAA and SV% but it wasn't a risk I was willing to take. Oh well.


The Pens beat the Bruins 6-5 in OT. Jay McKee scored his first of the season! Wooo!

The Bills are currently losing to the Titans 17-14. The Titans just attempted a 60 yard field goal. Needless to say, it was short. They will lose 27-21.

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  1. Totally agree about the vileness that is the Flyers. They were already mean and scary, then they said "Okay, that's great but let's raise that a side of dirty and nasty." Enter Chris Pronger. (And Ray Emery, for an extra dose of mean & nasty.)

    Did I imagine this, or were the Philly fans really booing Butler for getting back on his feet after that high stick? If so - effing sociopaths.


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