Wednesday, November 4, 2009


by Anne

The Canucks won a game against the New York Rangers that was crazy and punchy and fun  eventhough Avery wasn't really involved on the ice but Shane O'Brien poked him with a stick on the bench and that was weird and Ryan Kesler is totally badass and I love him and Andrew Raycroft has played outstandingly well and here's a fun picture:

Ryan Keslerrr who's your favorite player and you can't say y- OVECHKIN!
Good answer

Ok, now that that's taken care of, Jhonas Enroth has been recalled but no one has said for whom. Quite obviously it's for either Miller or Lalime (I know, the insight of that statement has MY head reeling too). But no one Sabres-related has bothered to type, tweet, text, call or e-mail to let any of us know who is hurt. Smoke signals? Morse code? After practice?!

This Tweet went out around 9:30 this morning and as of 10:30 (right now) they haven't said anything. I guess we'll wait until after practice? Miller CANNOT be hurt or sick.

If Goose or Patty or Griz got him sick, they will be in DEEP doo-doo. Maybe Lalime has realized that he's adorable but terrible and has quit?! :)

Let's see what they say after practice. :/

ETA: Ok sweet, it's Lalime.

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  1. Patty isn't terrible. He's played a game and a half. This team is terrible in front of him. No goaltender is perfect, but he isn't terrible.

    Then again, this is my opinion.


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