Friday, October 9, 2009

See! I'm not the only one!

by Anne

I have PROOF that other people give as much of a hoot about Matt Greene as I do.

I hope no one thinks I'm a crazy stalker of Matt Greene, I just think he's pretty badass and if I met him I'd probably say something normal like "Hi, you rock," and not go all crazy Beatles mania on him. Unless I was completely trashed, then, as per usual, all bets are off. I squealed when I saw Derek Roy at a bar when I was drunk and I can't STAND Derek Roy. Imagine if it were like Steve Bernier or Greener or Luke Schenn or Rick Nash? I'd include Iggy but I'm pretty sure that I'd go all Beatles mania on Iggy. Let's not pretend that isn't what would happen.

What was I talking about?

Oh right, Matt Greene and his rise from obscurity.

Twitter is awesome. I use it mostly for hockey, and a little for personal communication, but it's about 99% hockey. It's introduced me (electronically) to a bunch of fans of the West coast teams I follow that have little or no following in Buffalo. One of these Twittererers wrote a long article about how totally awesome Matt Greene is and his ability to take pucks to the head and not curl up into ball and weep which is my normal reaction to any kind of pain.

It's nothing too revolutionary or new to a Kings fan, but it's still sweet to see shut down defensemen whose true success is their ability to make their presence known off the score sheet. Wooooo!

 Stolen from someone's Flickr account
They like him too!

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