Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lindy's Nashville Game Plan

by Anne

Lindy Ruff's patented "How to Suck the Life out of every game we play in Nashville" plan:

  • Charge in to the offensive zone alone, Max Afinogenov style and then pass the puck to no one, allowing Nashville to clear
  • Charge into offensive zone and take weak shot on net
  • Fall down a lot
  • Don't hit anyone
  • Don't take any penalties
  • Don't fight
  • Fall down some more
  • A few more weak shots on goal
  • Eventually, when the whole crowd has been drained of all energy, Mike Grier will score a goal.
WHEN DID THE SABRES BECOME THE MINNESOTA WILD? Is Lindy Ruff just Jacques Lemaire in disguise?

That game was hella boring for the first 55 minutes, give or take a few scoring chances in the middle somewhere that kept us all from nodding off.

They still had a billion and ten shots on goal but only one went in. Poor Pekka Rinne stopped 41 shots and lost. Why do we get so many shots on goal and so few goals? Oh wait, because they shoot directly at the goaltender's mid-section. He will not suddenly become permeable, boys.

At least Miller got a shut out and was all cute scooping up the puck at the other end.

Tim Kennedy got his first NHL point tonight!!

Matt Greene got his first point of the season!

I took a gamble and benched a goalie I thought would lose and I was wrong. He won. Whoops. Oh well.

When does Lalime get his first start?

I vote for against the Islanders at home.

Feel the love.

Reggie is hurt :( It seems to be a mysterious nondescript pain down his left side pertaining to his muscles. Hell, if I didn't know they drank gatorade constantly I'd suggest he was really dehydrated as muscle pain is a symptom of dehydration.

Once again, Myers looked pretty decent. He's really solid on the point in the powerplay. His reach and size and his always surprising mobility is really a benefit to the PP.

I'm surprised that Royzie and Yoyo have the "A"s on the road. I thought Grier might have one.

Lindy: Ok, I want you to crush them like this.
Jochen, stop meditating and watch.
That "A" is velcro you know.

The Pens won, the Kings won, the Sabres won and my fantasy team continues to OWN this week's opponent.

Now begins a solid week where at least one of my teams is playing every night. The next night off is next Sunday. Yay!


  1. I don't even know why Derek has a letter on his sweater. Strip that off and give it to Mike.

    I felt like I was watching Minnesota play yesterday, yeesh. If they play like this every game now I'm going to rip my hair out. Then again, it's a plus they played so well defensively?

  2. Jochen Jochinen (is that how you spell it? I couldn't find his name on the Internet).

    Also...I enjoy that picture of Patty and Miller. I put in a raffle ticket today to win some Sabres stuff. I also bought a monocle and am practicing my British accent. Cheerio!


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