Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canucks lose game and Ryan Johnson

by Anne

At least when this player was taken off on a stretcher, it wasn't because another player hit him :/

Ryan Johnson of the Vancouver Canucks was skating into the corner, moved aside of Nick Lidstrom and then for some reason was unable to control his body and his speed and crashed (almost) head first into the end boards at full speed. The instant he hit, it was clear that he was hurt.

Here's the full video:

As soon as he hit, Red Wing (and former Sabre) Brad May was immediately to his side, gloves off to get an initial take on the situation. Clearly, May wouldn't be able to help him medically, but a veteran like him has seen enough to know the immediate signs of a severe injury, or if there was any thing that needed to be done as fast as possible after the injury like if he had cut himself badly.

RyJo was able to move his extremities, albeit only slightly, on the ice and was taken to the hospital. No word at the moment about his condition. You can see in the video the split second that he realizes he can't stop and he twists so that at least his head isn't the first thing that hits the boards. Regardless, he is in immediate and serious pain.

And to make matters worse, the Canucks lost to the Red Wings.

Feel better, RyJo.


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  1. I cringed watching the game last night. The poor guy. ): And when they zoomed in on Tanner Glass' face, he looked so upset since he was right there and saw the hit.


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