Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Be Completed At A Later Date

by Anne

Some people on message boards (the most RELIABLE source of information, of course) are saying that the Sabres have reached a deal with Little Foot.

However, no one will confirm or deny this and I haven't blogged since Thursday so we'll just post this and fill in the blanks later:

Wooooo! Hoooooray! Following in the same timing of last year's Pominville signing, Drew Stafford, that enigma of a man; I love him, I hate him, I hate to love him and love to hate him, has signed a contract with the Buffalo Sabres.

Drew Stafford will toy with my emotions for at least another _____ (year/years)
I think the amount the contract is for is (completely reasonable/bloated and ridiculous)

Hopefully with his new multi-year contract, Little Foot will fall into a groove.


Hopefully this one-year contract will light a fire under Little Foot to step it up this season


I'm happy about this.


I think this contract is bananas.


  1. I TOTALLY agree/disagree with you, Anne!

  2. Ha! This post AND dani's comment both cracked me up. I'm going to make all my post multiple choice from now on, I think.


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