Monday, August 10, 2009


by Anne

What a friggin' idiot.

Thanks, Kaner, for bringing Buffalo some press. Too bad all anyone will remember about you this off-season is your douchebaggery, not whatever good you were planning on doing in your hometown. Great job.

I'm so proud.


  1. While I don't condone what happened, I feel you may be feeling less harsh after everything is said and done. Even per the cabbies attorney, this is blown way out of proportion. Just saying.

  2. To his erm... credit, Citizen Kane has been given a lot of money and responsibility at 20. Not everyone is as squeaky clean as Sidney Crosby.

    That being said: He beat up a cabbie over 20 CENTS?! Holy crap. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I seriously, seriously, hope he's learned something for this.

  3. Until I hear his side of the story, I find him a complete moron for what he did. Also, he was on Chippewa. Underage drinking much? I don't care if you're from Buffalo, that is just pure idiocy through and through.

  4. Dan: I know its been blown out of proportion, but I'm sure there are innumerable ways this could've ended without anyone being arrested.

    Molly: True dat.

    Shelby: Alcohol is not a friend to the under-age pro athlete with a sense of ownership over an entire city.

  5. Yeah, I understand Maloy.

    And regarding the alcohol point, didn't they do sobriety tests on both and they both came back as sober? Just sayin.


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