Monday, July 6, 2009

Arbitration Station

by Anne

Twenty NHL players have elected to take their teams to salary arbitration this season. Basically, this is usually because the team and agent/player are quite far apart on a new deal. Usually the RFA wants more $$ or years than the team feels they deserve and because they are a Restricted Free Agent, the negotiating tactics are a bit difficult. Therefore, as with many disputes, an independent arbitrator will decide what the player should be paid.

I notice some people get annoyed at players for this, however, this action is completely within their rights, that's why it was built into the CBA. Some players, I'm sure, are being selfish (what! professional athletes witha sense of sef-entitlement?! NEVER! UnHEARD of!) but we have to remember that the players are allowed to use all the resources available to them.

Also, I bet, of the twenty, maybe five of them will actually take it to arbitration. Like many things taken to an independent court, many settle before you ever reach the bench.

Hopefully Clarke MacArthur, the only Sabre to elect for arbitration, and Darcy can crack open a few brews and work out a deal before having to go to arbitration

Quick! Distract him with boobs and switch the puck for a [reasonable] contract!

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