Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Love Jhonas Enroth

by Anne

Jhonas Enroth and I are friends on Facebook, as I'm sure many of you are also his friend on Facebook.

Those of you on Facebook are more than likely aware of the "Suggestions" box in the top right corner of the Facebook homepage. In this "Suggestion" box we are often prompted to become fans of things such as "Hugs," "Lost" and "Not Being On Fire." When a friend or friends of yours are also fans of something, it lists it as such. When only one friend is a fan of something, that persons name appears instead of "1 friend is a fan."

Here is what I saw when I was flipping through these fan page suggestions:

I like a goalie with a little self-assurance

Only 108 days until next season

Also, if you're not friends with Jhonas yet, I recommend it, he's quite entertaining. Especially a few days ago when he was drafted(?!) by the KHL team that Ray Emery just left.


  1. OMG that is the best. Best ever. I can't believe I missed that. LMAO!

  2. It's true, that just made me love him even more.

  3. That's amazing. I will take your advice and add him.

  4. Sorry I had a brain meltdown there...

    Caroline, I look forward to his updates when he doesn't post in Swedish. He is awesome!


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