Monday, June 1, 2009

Bad Blogger

by Anne

  • I haven't blogged since Thursday?!
  • Well, there hasn't been a whole lot to report, to be honest. The Pens dropped both games 1 and 2 to Detroit by identical scores of 3-1.
  • Evgeni Malkin and Henrik Zetterberg were all pissy at the end of Game 2. Or as all sports announcers will say the "emotions were getting to them" or "The tension of the situation, knowing his team was going to lose Game 2 caused Geno to snap like a dry twig." Whatevs, deep down I knew this would be basically a repeat of last year, but it just sucks watching it again. Especially since the Red Wings are even playing with out Datsyuk. Ouch.
  • I was depressed that it was June because Big Bear was May. Then I discovered Kevin Bieksa was June and the coping was easier.
  • I hate job interviews and I went on one today. I typed 82 words a minute and I hadn't even had any coffee yet. I'm just that feisty.
  • If Pittsburgh loses Game 3, I might reconsider driving down for Game 4...
  • The people of Dallas rejoice as Brett Hull is proverbially shoved into a dark corner where he can't eff things up and Joe Nieuwendyk is named GM. Never once in all the years he played have I been able to spell his name without double checking it.
  • In Sabres news, not much is going on.
  • The Stanley Cup Finals are not much fun for shirttail fans


  1. Okay I read 'Sloppy Seconds' thinking it was going to be Sean Avery. Oops.

    This Stanley Cup Finals is turning out to be as boring as the one last year.

  2. haha Every time I think about Big Bear being May in the Canucks calendar, I think of "My Girl"... as in "When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May..." I hope that's how they determined that Big Bear would get that month!

  3. *Drools* Bieksa is fineeee. I think he's somehow jumped to the top of my fave list after Matty Ohlund leaves on July 1.

    Hee! I adore Jess's reasoning for Big Bear getting May. That's totally how it happened.


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