Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing Things in Lists is Easier

by Anne

  • Team USA lost their first exhibition game yesterday by a score of 5-2. Dustin Brown scored both goals. Robert Esche stopped 16 of 17 in about 30 minutes of ice time and Al Montoya stopped 13 of 17 in about the same amount of time. Thank goodness its only an exhibition game. I'm not hopeful for a medal this year like I was last year and they finished 5th
  • Calder Trophy Nominees (top rookie in the NHL) were announced today. Kris Versteeg of the Chicago Blackhawks, Steve Mason of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks. I'd give it to Mason. Being a goaltender is tough enough, nevermind being a rookie and posting 10 shutouts to bring your team to the playoffs for the first time. They're probably going to be swept out but Mason was the one who snagged them the invite.
  • Why wasn't Dewey (Drew Doughty) nominated for the Calder? :(
  • In case you missed my last post, the Canucks won last night in OT and swept the first round series against the St. Louis Blues. Just prior to the game I watched Steve Bernier cook a pasta dish and my life became that much more complete.
  • Our poll is quite close and at last count Matt Greene, Ryan Kesler and James Wisniewski are all tied for first. I love that you are all obviously influenced by this blog because who the hell has ever heard of Matt Greene outside of Edmonton and LA and perhaps his hometown in Michigan(?) This is really bad, I should really know where he's from. I'm a bad fan. Yes, its Michigan, I checked
  • The Sabres REALLY want you to tune in at 12:30 for the Lunch Express with Kevin Sylvester. I'm in a computer lab at school so no dice. And its about 12:23 while I'm typing this.
  • I wrote a paper in 50 minutes a few weeks ago. I wrote 5 pages on Ibsen's A Doll's House, including citing an article on the subject in 50 minutes. I walked out of class the day it was due and managed to write it in the hour between when that class ended and my next class began. I got an A. I have wasted so much time writing papers before it seems.
  • It seems like MONTHS until the 2nd round of the playoffs start for the Canucks
  • I can't ignore the Pens. I want to hate them, I really do but I loved them so much last playoffs and I don't hate Sidney Crosby and I can't quite understand why so many people dedicate so much energy to hating him. So LET'S GO PENS!
  • Next semester I will only have class on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Words cannot fully express how awesome that is
  • San Jose actually managed to win a game. San Jose, you know the team that won the President's Trophy and Anaheim the team that *squeaked* into the playoffs. Wow.
  • The 'Canes scored the game-winning goal with .2 seconds left in regulation. What a punch in the face to the Devils and their fans.

Barrett Jackman's face says it all
Its over

This is the 2nd post in a row I've closed with a picture of Alex Burrows

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  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMKIZZLEApril 22, 2009 at 6:05 PM

    Who are the 'Canes?

    p.s. I think your description of me in our glossary is perfect.


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