Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome Aboard, Travis Turnbull!

by Anne

I could talk about our marginal "playoff hopes" we have left, but screw that. I will instead welcome the newest passenger to the S.S. Buffalo FailShip: Travis Turnbull.

  • Born July 7, 1986 in Chesterfield, MO
  • Forward
  • His dad, Perry, played eight years in the NHL for the Blues and the Jets, drafted #2 overall in 1979
  • He has a sister named Tara who is a pole vaulter. This isn't really relevant but pole vaulting looks ridiculously hard so I wanted to give her props.
  • Set a University of Michigan record for consecutive games played with 166. He never missed a game in his college career(!).
  • He is 6'0", 193 lbs
  • He was signed as a free agent to a two year entry-level contract
  • He's actually already played at least one game with the Pirates but the Sabres didn't officially announce his signing until Monday so I held off on laying out the Welcome mat
  • He loves Will Ferrell (this is highly relevant)
  • He is majoring in "general studies" Awesome
  • There's this really weird video on YouTube of some girl sitting in a car talking about how some video she made about Travis Turnbull was mean and he's not sketchy or gay. Whatevs he can be the sketchiest homosexual on the planet (which he is apparently NOT) as long as he plays well. Search his name on YouTube and you'll find it but basically that's all you need to know about it
  • I am not planning on adding him as a Facebook friend. Or maybe I did already? I might have? Eh I'm over it.
  • Matt Generous accepted my friend request and then I just noticed someone linked to my welcoming post on his Facebook wall. Thaaaat's weird.
These were longer last season when I didn't have homework to do.

Anyway, Travis, welcome aboard I don't have time to Google Image search pictures of him so if anyone has any doozies, send 'em our way.


  1. He loves Will Ferrell (this is highly relevant

    I believe that this is quite relevant since 1.) so many guys label Will Ferrell as their favorite actor, and 2.) Derek Roy looks like Will Ferrell.

  2. 2.) Derek Roy looks like Will Ferrell.

    HA. He can totally play Will Ferrell's mischievous little brother in a buddy cop style movie.

  3. you forgot to mention that he is Native American


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