Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Second Round is Almost Here!

by Anne

I still can't believe the way that Butter Snaps/Devils game ended last night. What the hell was happening at the Rock that distracted all the Devils? Did a girl take her top off in the upperbowl and they were all completely flabbergasted?

I hate to say this:

The Butter Snaps are advancing to round two to face the Bruins and the Bruins had better win. I'm looking at you, KESSEL.

Although, the Caps also won and we will all have the playoff match-up Gary Bettman dreams of at night.

I want the Pens to win. It will be a fun series to watch and, in truth, if the Caps win I won't be all that upset about it. Hopefully this much-hyped series will be everything it can be and more. Lots of Russian name-calling and cheesy graphics that try to make it look like Ovie is facing off against Crosby but he won't because Alex is a winger. Unlike the first two games of the Finals last year where Detroit and Pittsburgh were supposed to be INTENSE and evenly matched and Pittsburgh was shut out in the first game. Zzzzzzz....

ALSO. The Canucks and Blackhawks kick things off on Thursday @ 9:00. It feels like MONTHS since the Canucks last played. Hopefully they've been enjoying their rest but haven't gotten too soft without game situations. I ordered me a Canucks long sleeved tshirt the other day, it should be here soon, the USPS is tracking it for me, how thoughtful of them. I hope it gets here on Thursday.

This is a direct quotation of my Facebook status last night, but I just need to say it here too:

This is my new favorite quote. From NY Rangers GM Glen Sather's open letter on how the unfortified glass at the Verizon Center enabled fans to get the better of Rangers head coach John Tortorella:
"According to Rangers trainer Jim Ramsay, one patron was screaming at the team, in graphic language, about whether Dan Girardi and Marc Staal have a sexual relationship."

Wait, Glen, are you saying they don't?

I just love how oddly specific this quotation is. Is it really necessary for you to include the players by name to get your point across? Is the exact nature of these taunts and jeers relevant? We can use our imaginationsto deduce what kind of naughty words were being bandied about back there behind Torts. Also, are Marc Staal and Dan Girardi's psyches so fragile that they can't handle the harmless mudslinging of some drunk dude? I wonder how Staal and Girardi feel about being named. What if they really ARE having a sexual relationship? Or WORSE! What if they're in a relationship still in the early stages and now they have to have that conversation under such high-pressure conditions? Honestly Glen Sather, if you have a crush on Dan Girardi (and trust me I don't blame you), trying to take down his budding romance with Staal #2 just makes you look petty and childish.

Speaking of the IIHF(?), Team Austria's leading scorer(!) Markus Peintner is even crazier looking off the ice:

I always find it amusing when non-native English speakers have English writing on their clothes
Although its kind of like that craze of having Asian lettering on EVERYTHING a few years back

In spite of his unusual personal style and the fact that he looks like he fell out of an episode of Miami Ink, he seems like an interesting gent. Here's the article. Do you think he and Staffy could be the best of friends? I do. Austria v. Latvia is currently underway. Come on, Britney! Try to avoid relegation! Ohhh your teammate took a delay of game penalty 8 seconds into the opening period... ummm... ok you can bounce back from that.

There's a new poll up on the left sidebar. There's not much else to talk about in SabreLand other than whether or not we're going to re-sign Jaro :'( please? So focusing on free agency seems to be the way to go. You can vote as many times as you like, you just have to click "Return to Poll" after you vote.

Team USA v. Sweden this afternoon!


  1. The biggest mistake the Bruins can make is to underestimate the Canes. They beat them 4 times over the season, but anything can happen in the playoffs. They'll have to keep a close eye on Staal #1.

    I hope you guys don't sign Komisarek. First game against the Bruins next season he will try and pick a fight with Lucic and then Lucic will break his collarbone or give him a concussion or something. Guaranteed.

  2. That mustache and beard are the greatest combination of facial hair I have ever seen.

    Dan Girardi and Marc Staal will now never live that quote down. I can't believe he said their names.

  3. Hello again,

    What? You want the Bruins to beat my 'Canes? Say it ain't so lady. I got tickets all the way through the SCF. Of course, the 'Canes have to win.

    What can I do to help you "not hate" the 'Canes?


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