Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome Aboard, Dominic Moore and Mikael Tellqvist

by Anne

I started doing "Welcome Aboard" posts when we signed new players last year so I figured I'd keep it going.

Today the Sabres traded for goaltender Mikael Tellqvist and Center Dominic Moore.

Here's the skinny on Moore:
  • Born August 3, 1980 in Thornhill, Ontario
  • He's 6'3", 230 lbs or maybe he's 6'0" 188 lbs? The 2nd seems more accurate and is from the Sabres roster.
  • He went to Harvard and played there for four years
  • He was drafted 95th overall in 2000 by the New York Rangers
  • In his NHL debut on November 1, 2003 in which he tallied three assists
  • He does not score a lot of goals (like 5 a season usually) but this season he already has 12
  • He has at least two older brothers, and one of them is Steve Moore, yes THAT Steve Moore
  • The Sabres are his fifth NHL team
  • They haven't assigned him a number yet. He wore 18 in Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and New York and 19 in Toronto.
  • He wins more faceoffs than he loses
  • He will be a UFA on July 1, 2009 and Darcy has no plans yet to re-sign him for the obvious reason that he's probably never met him and he's never played for us

He reminds me of someone I went to high school with
I think that's who he reminds me of anyway

He also did this last week:

Mikael Tellqvist
  • Born September 19, 1979 in Sundbyberg, Sweden
  • He was drafted 70th overall by Toronto
  • He is 5'11, 185 lbs
  • He'll wear #32 as a Sabre
  • He spent the majority of his career in the Toronto system and the last two seasons with Phoenix
  • He was on Team Sweden that won gold at Turin in the 2006 Olympics
  • He has great Euro hair:

Bye bye Big Czech Al! I'm sad to see him go because he's been a Sabre his whole career. He will wear 21 for Edmonton, FYI.

He was part of one of the moments in the running to be featured in the top moments of the season. The Vanek/Kotalik love tackle from earlier in the season:

Who would have thought he'd be GONE?!?!

Ok I'm really not too upset but I was fairly surprised and that's why I'm a little sad. Bye!

Now we mostly retire the "Ales Kotalik" tag, and bring about the "Dominic Moore" and "Mikael Tellqvist" tags. Don't get too attached to them, folks.

I wonder where we'll trade Moore to in order to get a defenseman this summer? Moore to Anaheim for Wisniewski?

And we won tonight too! I don't have the energy to recap so I'll just say: YAY!!! TOMMY'S BACK!


  1. Adam Mair's reaction is all, "What? You guys acting so gay!" While Teppo is like, "I want hugs too!"

    Moore's wifey also looks like someone I knew in high school.

  2. Yo, I'm really sad about Kotalik. You know how much I love him.


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