Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Luck Charm?

by Anne

This past weekend I spent with my 10 year old cousin Ellie. Her brother, James or Jimmy, of guest blogging fame, of course declared that yesterday when he had the day off from school we must spend time together. I, of course, obliged.

We went out for lunch and he bought his first packs of hockey cards. We started cheap. He also bought a Ryan Miller figure from Dave and Adam's that might now be his most prized possession. We discussed at length where he could ask Miller to sign it if he ever got a chance to meet him. I promised him that if the Sabres have another Puck Drop event next season to kick things off and the players have autograph sessions we would wait in the never-ending line to get Miller's autograph. All I can hope is that we meet him somewhere before then so we can avoid the line.

Then after he bought the cards (he's always been good about saving his money so he had some to buy the cards with) we went back to my house to sort them out. The highlight of the cards was the Afinogenov card he got in the first pack he opened.

Once back at my house he, of course, had to check out my standings tracker and was quite perplexed that the Sabres were nowhere on the board. In my frustration a while ago I took the slug off and put it in a mug on my armoire. Jimmy was quite indignant and put the slug back on the board, I just noticed in the circle reserved for #1 in the North East division.

And they won last night. Against the Panthers. 5-3. I'm sure you don't know what I'm getting at so I'll tell you. Last year Jimmy's first Sabres game was a 5-3 Sabres victory over the Florida Panthers, only this time Zednik only took a puck off the nose in this one and didn't suffer any life threatening injuries.

Jimmy is good luck. Plain and simple.

Thank God for YouTube. I didn't get to see Max's empty net goal or Craigory manhandling 2008 Sabretooth's House All-Star Keith Ballard. I was really tired last night and for some reason kept searching on YouTube for "Paul Gaustad Fight" and sorting it by date added and couldn't find the fight. It wasn't until this morning that I realized by "Paul Gaustad" I actually meant "Craig Rivet." I need more sleep.

Pie's game face

Hahaha Jay Bouwmeester

I can't believe Spring Break is almost over (sort of) I have so much to do. Boooo.

Toronto on Friday!


  1. I can't disagree with your logic...your cousin is totally a good luck charm. I'm sure you'll get a chance to have Ryan sign that figure for him...the players never turn down a kid when they want an autograph.

  2. Wow, your cousin IS good luck! I think you guys should hang out more often when you're not working and he doesn't have school. Maybe he'll bring the Sabres luck all the time.

    Oh my God, and there is prove Thomas Vanek was alive last night in that last picture. Amazing!

  3. a friend of mine ran into Miller at Salsaritas the other day actually, haha.


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