Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Do You Mean No One Disagrees?

by Anne

You've probably all heard by now about former Islanders GM and TV "analyst" Mike Millbury calling our beloved crash test dummy, Timmy Connolly, a "self-centered little dink" on a nationally televised broadcast last night. If not, crank the volume and listen up:

My favorite part about this non-controversy is that in all the places I've read about this, not a single soul has defended Timmy and said that he is not what he is accused of being: a "self-centered little dink." Everyone's main argument is that Mike Millbury was a terrible GM and somehow that's related because he drafted Timmers and then traded him to Buffalo.

So since no one has defended him I suppose it must be true. Tim Connolly is a "self-centered little dink." Yes, but he's our "self-centered little dink"... at least until March 4th. And, let's be honest, we've all called him much much worse.


  1. I defended our little bugger... Milbury is just jealous he is ours and not his no mo'!

  2. Right now he's self-centering the entire team, not to mention scoring top-shelfishly.

    He's dinking the puck out from the corners, and little by little, establishing himself the best current Sabre that Millbury, or even Reiger, selfishly drafted.

  3. If he keeps scoring he can be a dink anytime.

  4. I said it on ProSportsDaily in the off-season: an 82 game Timmy gets Buffalo into the Big Dance.

    Well... Duh.

    But what about a non-82 game Tim?

    The Sabres can make the show with or without "Mr. Glass," but they are So Much Better when 1plus9 is on the back of one of the players on the ice for them.

    What does he have now, 18 points in 16 games?

    Power Play QB, Penalty Killa'... dare I say... Playoff Thrilla?


  5. Anne, I'm so glad you wrote this. When I read Milbury's comments I thought, "Well... yeah. Isn't that true?" (But yeah, as long as he plays the way he is right now, hey, whatever.)


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