Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steelers Win! and Here He Comes

by Anne

Um, best 2nd half of a Super Bowl ever? Yes. Especially because the outcome was what it was.


Was anyone else surprised that James Harrison's interception and return was the longest play in Super Bowl history? There have been 42 other games, it seems logical it would've happened at least once before, but what an amazing return... and then the NFL's defensive player of the year became a huge dbag later in the game by punching a Cardinal in the back and then shoving him the ground and getting a 15 yard penalty. Nice move, moron.

Santonio Holmes game winning TD catch was just completely mindblowing. We over in Amherst were pretty sure he was out of bounds because the camera angle shown was from the perspective of the goal post and we couldn't see his feet. When the refs arms went up, the outcry of glee and excitement practically shook the entire house.

The Steelers O-line was its usual self, holding penalties galore and ONE IN THE END ZONE FOR A SAFETY. But when it really counted they stood up and gave Big Ben time to throw. Ben definitely played a solid game, kept himself moving and got some amazing plays out of some sticky situations.

I know lots of people wanted Arizona to win, and I can respect rooting for the underdog. They certainly put on one hell of a comeback late to really make this a close game. Larry Fitzgerald ran for his life in the 4th quarter to give the Cardinals the lead and give Steeler Nation ulcers. But the #1 defense kept them at bay and the Steelers are six time Super Bowl Champs!!!!!


On the Sabres front, looks like our defense is getting even younger. Sissy is out with a hip injury so here comes newly healed Mike Weber back to the blue and gold.

Welcome back.

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  1. Yayyyyy Doof!! I must say, though, ever since I saw his little thing on the Sabres Show, I have a greater appreciation for Mikey W.


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