Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday Shenanigans

by Anne

I would really like the Bandits to score fewer goals, please. I'm glad that the Bandits are so successful and I hope they continue to be, but after a while the sound of the goal horn gives me a headache. And that friggin' announcer dude is so annoying and there are so many cheers and drums and I have to yell a lot and AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I was just trying to figure out if the Bandits have lost this season and yes, once. Never at home. They have 105 goals on the season, the next closest team has 85. So yes, they do score lots.

They also have a player named Brett Bucktooth. Words cannot describe what an awesome name that is.

I'm about 99% sure Chris Butler was at the game tonight, wandering about the 200 level. All I could think was "Aw, Buts, don't you have a lady to spend Valentine's Day with?" He probably does but I just felt sad at the possibility that he was just like alone in Buffalo where he probably doesn't know anyone. My mother of course was like "Why didn't you talk to him?" I had a hard time explaining that we're not supposed to bother players regardless of the event going on at the Arena.

I worked on the 200 level and I've never been there before but it was cool. I set up near where they film the post-game show. I can definitely see the perks to sitting in the 200 level. Except for the major perk that I'm on the 300 level. Speaking of which, I saw Kim on Friday! Hooray!

Around the league tonight, the only thing that interested me was I saw that WCBs Matt Greene and Ethan Moreau got five minute majors for fighting each other. Former teammates dropping the gloves. Ok, it wasn't really that much of a fight but if you had to pick a winner, I suppose Greener would have been it.

Sergei Gonchar is finally back for Pittsburgh!! Yay! So many people were hoping he was the shot in the arm the Pens needed ............... he was a -1 and the Pens lost 6-2 to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ok, it was just his first game back, it'll take a few for him to get up to speed. I guess a Pens loss is good for us, but they're five points back so they become less of a threat all the time.

I saw The Reader today. It was quite good, recommend it. So far Slumdog is still my pick for winner, but The Reader is a very close 2nd. If you want to see a lot of Kate Winslet's boobs and a lot of love scenes and lots to do with Nazi war crimes, The Reader is for you.


  1. I know the Bandits have a huge following, but I went to my first Bandits game last year and it will probably be my last. It was fun and all, but a little...well, you probably know what I'm talking about since you work during the games.

  2. I had a hard time explaining that we're not supposed to bother players regardless of the event going on at the Arena.

    I'm sorry, but if it's a Sabre at a Bandits game, he's fair game. And I second your mother's sentiments. But when I was in Boston, I had to call my mother to tell me to go up to Gaustad and Stafford.

  3. Brett Bucktooth, Cal Clutterbuck...I love athlete names.

    I watched that Pittsburgh/Toronto game last night on the NHL Network. Watching the Pens failure of a third period last night made me realize just how bad they've been this entire year. Okay, not really bad, but they have had a rollercoaster of a season.

  4. Speaking of which, I saw Kim on Friday!

    It's funny the one time I'm not actually walking around with the intention of finding you is when I see you, but hey at least I know where you are now. I saw you again tonight but you were helping some whiny looking kid and his parents which I'm sure narrows it down A LOT but I figured I'd leave you to it.


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