Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pirates Lose But it Was Fun Anyway

by Anne

S(h)ara and I were at the Pirates game, both rocking Kennedy t-shirts

Phew. I'm glad I left my tiny white shorts and knock-off Target uggs at home
Seriously, darling, its not that warm outside

Dougie serenaded us
Why was TK not in the starting line up?

This game is best told in fights:

First Parsley (Jimmy Bonneau) fought some Rat

...as Mike Ryan drifted by listlessly

Then these dudes fought
I think this was Mancari roughing up someone

Then there was a brawl
Someone sucker punched Gerbe and he just curled up into the fetal position
He's 5'5", he's allowed

Then Mike Ryan was a douchebag part 1

Ignore Colton Fretter
look at the super full penalty boxes behind him
There were four players in each box to start the 3rd

Then Mike Ryan (#21) scored a pretty slick goal
He's still a douchebag

Because he crosschecked Kyle Rank after Timmy tied the game at 2
We really liked heckling Mikey
Matt Ellis is better anyway

Salty Pete was there


I've never been to an AHL game before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I will say this, I'll take the NHL. These guys were terrrible. I mean even when they were good, they were only so-so. You could easily pick out the NHLers (Kennedy, Ryan, Gerbe, etc.) Marc-Andre Gragnani showed some excellent puck handling ability on the power play. He might've been getting a little too showy but I certainly was impressed by how he moved the puck.

Although Kyle Rank might not be headed for the NHL anytime soon, his tying goal with 29 seconds left in regulation was a thriller. There was chorus after chorus of "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" and Zach Takir did and Kyle Rank redirected it into the net. S(h)ara and I definitely started a few chants of "Peeeeeeeeeeters, Peeeeeeeeeeeters" to heckle the Rats goalie. Unfortunately not a single Pirate scored in OT or the shootout and the Rats walked away with two points.

I couldn't get a picture of it but Dylan Hunter's facial hair is amazing. From here on out he will be known as "Pornstache"

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's game even more now. NHL hockey > AHL hockey.

I thought Gerbe was hurt because I didn't realize that he didn't just get a misconduct penalty, he got a game misconduct for fighting off of the playing surface with some Rat. He was kicked out of the game according to AHL rule 47.7.

Just to emphasize further the crazy number of fights in this game, here's a screen capture of the penalties summary:

that's a lot of penalties
click to enlarge


  1. What's with the crazy dates on those pictures? Id be like, 91 years old. Sweet I look good for 91.

  2. I couldn't get a picture of it but Dylan Hunter's facial hair is amazing. From here on out he will be known as "Pornstache"

    Did we talk about this when Kim and I visited you girls? Because I was calling him that all night!!

  3. So I kept trying to post a comment, and it wouldn't let me :(

    Here's the gist:

    You better not let MJ see this post ;)

    That brawl was ridiculous. The ref's were clueless as to what was going on, the penalties prove it.

    AHL games can be brutal sometimes. I grew up on Amerks games as well as Sabres games. AHL games can be fun because you can get better seats, it's cheaper, and there's a better chance of meeting the players. But as far as the actual game goes, give me an NHL game any day.

  4. Can I just say how hilarious I find it that the date on your camera reads 2074?


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