Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, Pie

by Anne

Even with injuries, Danny Paille will still not be playing and Reggie will not be back tonight. Hopefully the advice of players like Drew Stafford who had a nagging ankle sprain last season has resonated with him and he knows he needs to wait until he can have more than one day of being pain-free before he comes back to the line-up. That or Lindy just put his foot down.

Watching PieYAY struggle this season really makes me sad.

I can't bear to watch his interviews these days where he talks about his struggles. In November it looked like Danny was the player that didn't have to worry about the deadline and Staffy might be heading out of town. Now the reverse is obviously the case. I will be so so so sad if we trade Danny. However, he's young, physical, occasionally defensively responsible, his contract is low and he has a year left on it which is a recipe for a trade. Boo.

So, tonight's lines??

Gerbe - Connolly - Stafford
Pommer - Roy - Hecht
MacArthur - Mair - Kotalik
Kaleta - Ellis - Peters

I almost always forget someone when I do the lines soooo did I forget anyone?

I'm quite excited about the possibility of Timmy and Gerbe playing together. Although, will Royzie pout until the shorty is on his line?

In other news, Oscar is 2 years old today. I know you've all already bought him gifts, but if you haven't, he likes scotch tape, crinkly plastic bags, mint and sitting in open windows. Don't scratch his tummy, he bites, but not hard.

This will be him in a few hours

The Birthday Kitten
He's a little bummed out about getting older
I'll give him some tuna and scratch his neck and he'll get over it


  1. I think Paetsch is going on the 4th line instead of peters

  2. Happy Birthday Oscar!

    He says "mrow" which I think means "Thank you" in kittenese

  3. I think Paetsch is going on the 4th line instead of peters

    Ah yes, excellent point. I forgot about that experiment.

  4. Oscar shares a birthday with Jaro... Anne, please make sure that they don't share a birthday party though... Jaro might think the other birthday boy is an appetizer, or something...

  5. Happy birthday to your kitty! (:

    Pie is scratched again?! My heart is breaking as I type this. )': I feel so bad for him...

  6. "Anne, please make sure that they don't share a birthday party though... Jaro might think the other birthday boy is an appetizer, or something..."

    HA that is great. It's sad that I can totally see that happening too. Spacho'd be all, *in deep guttural noise* "HMMMMM Jaro hungry. Kitty!! I won't hurt you..." and proceeds to chase Oscar around the room.

  7. And I also shed a tear for Pie. I just wish he could get his stuff together. Maybe the puppy he won at the Catwalk will help him feel better?

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR!!! Your present the store...where it will remain...due to lack of money. But it's the thought that counts right?


    Too bad he won't be getting a call from Jeffrey :(


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