Wednesday, February 25, 2009


by Anne

My feelings are apt to change frequently over certain things about hockey and the NHL.

To fight or not to fight? No-touch icing? Moving the Phoenix Coyotes? Should Pierre McGuire and Mike Millbury be shot into the sun from a cannon or flung with a large sling-shot?

But there is one thing over which I never change my mind:

My favorite day of the hockey related year without competition, HANDS DOWN is the trade deadline.

Its so DRAMATIC. GMs lose their minds and deal elite wingers for bench warmers and top goalies for meaningless draft picks. ITS SO. MUCH. FUN.

Who doesn't love the quickly photoshopped roster photos in which the colors of one team are covered over by those of the new team.

Which player has to travel the farthest to turn around and play in the game for his new team that night? Do any of the players have to turn around and play their former team that same day? Do you boo these players or not?

The speculation begins in the summertime and doesn't stop until late February (this year, early March). Who will buy, who will sell? How much will a team that needs a top defenseman pay to get one who may or may not sign elsewhere on July 1?

Unlike last year, the Sabres appear to be buyers this year. What shall we buy? I can't freakin' wait.

Unfortunately the trade deadline is on a Wednesday this year which means I will have to keep up to date on my cell phone during classes and I expect grevious amounts of Twitter updates about the goings on around the NHL.

Will we get the defenseman we so desperately need? Who will we ship out to get him? Will Darcy construct yet another three team deal that doesn't fully play itself out until the summer?

Where will Jay Bouwmeester be? What about Alexei Kovalev? Will he be moved? What will happen with Sean Avery? Tampa will probably take him. They'll take anyone.

What will the biggest shockers be? Who will be traded that didn't know they were on the trading block? How many phones will Brian Burke be talking on at a time? How many players will cry? Which players will be royally pissed off?

Can my heart take another day of watching James Duthie list out these trades on TSN? Ok, the answer to that one is absofreakinlutely.

Which teams will make the biggest mistakes? Which team will make the smartest moves?

My second favorite day of the year is Free Agency Day. This day comes in #2 because of the nausea I usually feel over the size of the contracts being doled out. ::cough Brian Campbell $50+ million cough::

One week away!


  1. Well, considering trade deadline day brought you BIG BEAR, I guess I can understand your enthusiasm. :) However, the trade deadline is like a 24 heart attack for us at Slightly Saucy! We can't handle the drama!

  2. I love Trade Deadline day, too. Though, I did cry when Soupy was traded and when I found out Colby Armstrong wouldn't be with his BFF Sidney Crosby anymore, BUT I am very, very excited to see what goes down this year.

    ...Too bad I'll be in school, oy.


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