Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Foreseeable Future

by Anne

I hope we see a lot of this over the next few games:

Pouliot didn't score on this shot, I checked the scoresheet
Good boy, blocker

And maybe if we're lucky enough, we can see Jhonas Enroth do this:

Jhonas chills out

I really love that his helmet is totally Sabred-out. There is no attempt to come close to matching the Pirates color scheme. It just shows where Enroth's head is. Literally. He wants to wear the sweater that matches his helmet.

We all can look up Lalime's NHL stats because they are many. He's in his 10th season of NHL action. A cursory glance of his record shows that the more games he plays, the higher his win %. He had a career high 39 wins in only 67 games in 2002-2003 with eight shut outs. I'm not really all that worried about Patty. If it were Thibault I'd be in hysterics and screaming for a trade.

Enroth is the big question mark. Chances are he won't see much (if any) ice time but its hard to say. As Lindy said in his interview yesterday it depends on how Patty plays. If he's struggling, Jhonas may get the nod for a game or two. I'm not sure how to feel about this because he's had basically zero NHL experience. He played in one pre-season game and allowed three goals on thirteen shots. In his defense, Ryan Miller allowed three goals on eleven shots in the same game. He's the top rookie goaltender in the AHL but that's not saying much about his play in the NHL.

Cory Schneider in the Canucks system had completely ridiculous stats in the AHL and basically floundered when he was called up to the NHL earlier this season. That wasn't entirely his fault of course, but he's a good example of stellar minor league play does not guarantee stellar NHL play. I hate to say it but: Gerbe anyone?

Then again we could have another Steve Mason on our hands here and that would be sweeeeet.

I'm more excited about this adventure than worried. If we lose tonight I will probably become worried but right now I think this is actually kind of fun. Let's all chill out and see what unfolds, who knows what could happen?

Lots of criticism and lots of challenges have been hurled at the Sabres early. If they can overcome this and make the playoffs, think of the confidence and bite they'll have when the pieces come back together.

Puck drops at 7:00.


  1. Cory Schneider was a year ahead of Gerbe at BC, and both left after their junior seasons.

  2. I'm quite excited to see how things go tonight. I know Patty will do a great job...it just all depends on how the team in front of him does.


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