Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yay Stillers!

by Anne

And by "Stillers" I don't mean Ben.

I was raised in a football house. My Mother's touchdown celebration cheers probably register on the Richter scale as a low-grade tremor. Most people when watching football with Peg for the first time are often shocked by her vocalizations, especially when a player misses what should be an easy catch.

As a child of the early 90s in Buffalo, football was a BFD. Big Freakin' Deal. However, as is obvious to all, not so much anymore.

Peg and Jim lived in Pittsburgh before settling in the B-lo so my back up football team has always been the Steelers, like my back up hockey team is the Pens. We were supposed to move back to Pittsburgh about six years before I was born, but hey, look at that, here we are in WNY. Pittsburgh is my parent's hometown, so what's theirs is mine or something like that. Anyway, during the regular season I'm all about the Bills, but once the post-season starts in football and hockey and Buffalo is no longer in it, I'm a Pittsburgh fan.

I loved Jerome Bettis, mostly because I liked his nickname and my Mom liked him. Most of my early sports tendencies were formed by my Mom, actually. She's not a huge baseball fan and neither am I. She hates Notre Dame for reasons I still think are ridiculous but for some reason I hate Notre Dame too. She went to the University of Pittsburgh and HATES Penn State and Joe Pa and therefore I feel the same way.

Here we find ourselves in yet another NFL playoff weekend with nary a sign of the Buffalo Bills I park myself in front of the TV to cheer on my would-be hometown team.

Happy to say that the NFL's #1 defense did not fail me today. It's nice when a team you're cheering for actually wins. That's pretty sa-weet. A healthy Roethlisberger and Parker combined for a 5 touchdown victory. Wooooo!!! Off to the AFC Championship game on the 18th against the Baltimore Ravens.

It all just seemed to click today. A punt return for a touchdown... I had to look it up, the last time that happened was in December of 2006. I'm not sure if the punt was bad, coverage was bad or the gods of football decided to smile on Pittsburgh today.

Anyway, I can still actually care about football next weekend! Last season the Steelers lost a heartbreaking almost come from behind victory during Wild Card Weekend and I stopped watching until the Super Bowl.

Come on! I'm going to wear my Steelers PJ pants and see if I can find my Mom's terrible towel she has somewhere.

The Stillers have won both of their games against Baltimore this season and with the divisional rivalry being what it is, next weekend's game should be a good one.

But before that, Sabres at Blackhawks on Wednesday. Can't wait for the all-but-guaranteed interviews with Soupy about his unwilling departure from the Sabres. Awww, Soup.


  1. I'm already banking on Kevin Sylvester interviewing Soupy. I will be very surprised if he doesn't during one of the intermissions.

    Sometimes I sort of wish I had grown up on football, along with hockey. I could just never get into football at all when I was younger. Baseball either, but that was never on in the house. I guess the pair of Zubas I had to wear when I was a kid didn't help convert me, either.

  2. Can't wait for the all-but-guaranteed interviews with Soupy about his unwilling departure from the Sabres. Awww, Soup.

    Since Kim and I are going to see Rent on Wednesday (bad day to go, I know, right?), I'm taping the entire game, even though I should be home before it ends. And I already threatened my entire family and most of my hockey-watching friends to not say a word about the game to me if they value their lives. =]

  3. Here we go we go. clap clap.

  4. Steelers are going down, go cards!


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