Friday, January 30, 2009

Tertiary Team

by Anne

Ok, I lied.

I watched the entire Kings/B'Hawks game last night. This is an addiction, people.

However, I was up in time for class and made it just on time. I wish Buff State was better about clearing sidewalks. I hate when people bitch too much about this kind of stuff but when students are literally slipping and sliding around because they can't properly step onto pavement, its a problem. I use a back entrance to the building that houses my 9:00 am class and the last stretch of sidewalk looked like it hadn't been shoveled in days, I had to walk in the street which I absolutely hate doing.

Also, my class was cancelled and we all sat there until like 9:15 wondering where the professor was until one girl busted out her phone and checked her email. Splendid. I could've watch the whole game without guilt.

The Kings won and currently sit only FOUR points out of a playoff spot. Ok, sooooo they're in 12th with 47 points but spots 7 - 11 all have 51, so a few wins for the Kings and losses for the Oilers, Stars, BJ's and Wild, and the Kings are in the thick of it.

Until the Canucks get their act together and stop fighting during practice, I'm going to be cheering for the Kings. Unfortunately, we all know that I won't be able to look away and will still follow my dear sweet Canucks through good and bad, but I can still take a peek at those upstart Kings, right?! It seems too easy to love the Blackhawks, so I'm leaving them out of this race for now.

Drew Doughty and Matt Greene are always together
They have been photographed together and several events
I loves me a good bromance
Learn from the master, Drew
And they have the mascot with the least crazy name ever.. Bailey.
This may be the only time in my life I wish I was sick and in LA

Also, no Canuck has ever answered my questions on his blog, right Tom Preissing?! I've said it before, definitely check out Tom Preissing's blog. He's really funny and writes really well. Its definitely my favorite hockey player's blog. Millsy's is good but he just doesn't update it that often. Darcy Hordichuk's is my second favorite but I'm mad at his team right now.

Also, I forgot how much I hate blogging on a PC. I haven't done it since I left my old job. This is so much easier on a Mac. Or, well, maybe its Internet Explorer that is lame.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm sure I'll be back and rambling at some point this weekend.

Also, chatted with the Sabres goaltending coach, Jim Corsi (among other goaltending coaches) about how the job of goaltending coach has expanded in the last 20+ years.


  1. Tom's blog is quite refreshing, actually. I wish JPom had some of his wit.

  2. Pommers needs to step up a notch in his blogging, it looks like. Come on, Jason!

    Boy, I love NHL Mascots.

  3. Tom's blog is quite refreshing, actually. I wish JPom had some of his wit.

    As much as I love Pommer, who wouldn't want to read a blog written by Petey or Staffy or someone who seems to have more (sorry Pommer) personality?

  4. Pommers needs to step up a notch in his blogging, it looks like. Come on, Jason!

    He's so reserved in his blogging. He doesn't seem to be too comfortable with expressing himself through writing. We all can be a little snobby about it because the fact that we have blogs that people read proves that we can convey SOMETHING through writing.

    Boy, I love NHL Mascots.

    They're so ridiculous because they can't really do a lot during games. Football mascots have whole huge sidelines to run around in, Sabretooth has to weave his way through fans and ushers to rile people up.


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