Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everyone Loves San Jose So Much, They Forget Detroit is Really Scary Too

by Anne

All over the NHL, analysts are losing their minds over San Jose and Boston. As they should. Both teams had excellent first halves of the season and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. However, there's this pesky little team in Michigan that's not getting as much love. Last season was all about Detroit as they were destroying every team in sight, all the way to Lord Stanley in June.

League standings as of this afternoon, not including Boston's assured victory over Carolina (its 5-0 Bruins in the 2nd right now)

1. San Jose: 40 Games, 30-5-5, 65 pts
2. Boston: 41 Games, 30-7-4, 64 pts
3. Detroit: 40 Games, 28-7-4, 61 pts

The Red Wings are the highest scoring team in the league and lead the league in average goals per game. I'd say they'd warrant a little more air time than say, the collapse that's happening in Pittsburgh. Not that anyone is saying the Red Wings aren't good, but all the 'OMG THESE GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE' seems to be reserved for Boston and San Jose. Maybe its because its just assumed that Detroit is going to be awesome, and analysts are just tired of talking about how great Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Co. are.

Let's take a positive spin on the stats, shall we?

  • Tonight could be the first time all season the Sabres win both games in back to back nights
  • Detroit is 1-3-0 this season against North East Division opponents, including losing their season opener at home against the Maple Leafs
  • Chris Butler will be back in the line-up tonight, Miller will get the start in front of the hometown crowd
  • Just think, this time last year, we were mired in the midst of a 10 game win-less streak and Derek Roy had no shoulder and Drew Stafford had a concussion and Max had a groin injury... ok well somethings don't change
  • We won the last regular season game we played at the Joe, a 3-2 shootout win in October of 2006 when we were also in the midst of a winning streak
  • Uhhhhhh, Detroit is more dying than Buffalo
  • Boston is currently cremating Carolina 5-0 in the 2nd, keeping them off our heels a little in the standings, provided Boston doesn't have the collapse of the decade.
  • Someone decided referencing Robin Hood's lady love would be a good idea while discussing Marian Hossa's new place in Detroit:

I think this means Henrik Zetterberg is Robin Hood and Ray Shero is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Gary Bettman is clearly Prince John.

Another reminder about tonight's bloggers get-together and some clarification.

Technically we will be at J.J.'s Sports Bar which is in Casa di Pizza. Basically, when you walk into Casa, go in the door to the right where the bar is. Good times. Hopefully we'll see some of y'all there!

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