Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drunk on Goals

by Anne


This was my favorite game ever. Shouldn't this count for like two wins?!

So to recap the scoring: Staffy 3 - Edmonton Oilers 2

Stafford, Roy and Vanek all had 3 points tonight. Timmy scores a shortie and a power play goal and adds an assist. That back pass by Connolly to Staffy for his hat trick was a thing of beauty. Oh Timmy, there are so many things I could say about your skill to injury ratio, but I'm too happy.

Derek Roy somehow managed to turn a turnover into a goal for Jochen Hecht. He lost the puck to Cole, took it back, passed it to Pommer, and Hecht put it in the net. Another classic Jochen "If I can't score a goal like that..." goal.

We're always whining about our lack of offensive production from the blue line and then Paetsch has two points (1+1), Spacek scored on a huge shot from the point and Rivet had two assists. Thank you, boys, we'll take some more of that any time you want to dish it out.

Gragnani was fine I imagine, I basically forgot he was there so I'll assume he did a fine job. He had at least one shot towards the net, so there's that.

Staffy brought the pigeon to his post-game interview with Gene Principe. Oh Staffy. Loves. He's such an unaffected person. Like, even though he clearly makes like $900,000 a season, he probably still gets his haircut at Supercuts and wears clothes until they fall apart.

Why can't we win these games against Eastern Conference teams? Whatevs, I don't care who these kinds of games are against, just as long as they're 10-2 wins in our favor.

My Sabres score text message was so full it couldn't fit the season goal totals in because there were so many players names to cram in.

Remember when this game was almost blacked out? You could've still watched it online, but I can't even imagine the outrage if this game hadn't been aired on MSG.

Thrilling love indeed.

Iggy and the Flames tomorrow!!

ETA: I forgot!! Nasher had a hat trick and the Blue Jackets beat the Red Wings. To recap: Rick Nash 3 - Detroit Red Wings 2.


  1. Shouldn't this count for like two wins?!

    Why, yes, it should.

    And we actually wouldn't have been able to watch it online had it been blacked out. Mike Harrington told me that as long as your computer register's an IP address coming from WNY, the online stream would be blacked out as well. Bummer, right??

  2. Cari -

    Yes and no. If you were trying to watch on yahoo or NHL.com then yes, you wouldn't have been able to see the game. http://jtv-sports.com/ however, doesn't give a rip where you are. Its a thing of beauty and it's free! Luv it! (although not as much as a staffy hat trick.) =)


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