Monday, January 26, 2009

Clarification and Classes

by Anne

In the previous post, I stated the following: "Soupy looks... really good."

What I meant was "Soupy looks... really good... for Soupy." I know absence makes the heart grow fonder and I still have love for Soup, but no. Love ya, Soup, but no. But, kind of maybe. But NO. But the buzz around the NHL is that he's a really nice guy and I can get over the playoff beard resemblance to Youppi! Or can I? I'm so conflicted about this. Maybe its my longing for a puck moving defenseman and I'm just getting confused?! I said this in a comment but Brian Campbell is like your best friend from high school or college who told you that he was into you but you just weren't into him at the time and you both have moved on but you always think "What could've been?" and you constantly compare other boyfriends to him and most of them fall short. Only, in this world we've never met and I compare Soupy to other defensemen.

Classes start today. It has literally been six weeks since my last exam. It really feels like a lifetime has gone by. So MUCH has changed! Like...uhhhhhh... I own a 3rd jersey and I learned I can name at least 13 NBA teams. Maybe. If I'm not too tired.

Although I might be participating in a staged reading tonight? What? Like with professional actors? S(h)ara's the actor, I'm the director/teacher. This is unsettling at best. If its true, I'm totally posting info and I'll be sad if at least one of you doesn't show up, haha.

I didn't watch much of the All-Star Game because there's absolutely nothing at stake. Just like I don't watch the Pro Bowl. Who cares? If there was more than one Sabre present I might have watched the whole thing. However for the few minutes I did watch, I declared (in my head) how the stakes could be much higher in this game. What? Determining home ice advantage in the Stanley Cup Finals? No. Here's how: Whichever team loses has to go wait in an undisclosed location until their respective head coaches can track them down based on an elaborate 'round the world Da Vinci Code style clue hunt. This way, the players will be more motivated to win... or less, depending on where they're sent to wait for Barry Trotz to come huffing and puffing his way to them, Shea Weber. You can wait in my house.

So, sorry Western Conference All-Stars, looks like you'll be hiding out for the next few days. TV is winging his way to Edmonton for Tuesday's game. Phew!

12-11? Ridiculous.

As stated before, Buffalo State College, the Easy Mac of higher education and my current educational institute, resumes classes today. Excuse me while "Taps" plays in the distance and I wipe away a single tear. I am not sure how this will pan out considering I normally go to bed at, oh 3:00 am and wake up at, say, 12:00pm and I have class at 9:00am. I maaaayyy fall asleep in the midst of it or in the hour in between. Last semester my schedule was amazing, I went until noon every day. This semester I go from 9-2 MWF and 1:40-4:20 TR. Quite different. However, Its less than 4 months, so I think I'll make it. I'm already excited for Spring and Summer... I like to think ahead.

Happy Chinese New Year! Traditionally, it is improper to eat meat on the first day of the Chinese New Year, its also considered bad luck to use knives or light fires. So no grilling steaks today. Sorry. Its also considered good luck to eat sweets. Woooooooo! This year is the year of the Ox, as was 1985, the year of my birth. I wonder if this is lucky. 1997 was also the year of the Ox and that was the year Jimmy was born, my ultra-awesome 11 year old cousin who loves Ryan Miller. 1985 was the year of the Wood Ox, 1997 was the Fire Ox and this year is the Earth Ox. This is very hockey related. Anyway, have a great day everyone!

How are you celebrating the New Year, Mr. Wang?


  1. Its also considered good luck to eat sweets.

    Well HAPPY NEW YEAR, I want to be in a sugar coma by the end of the day guess I should start with the M&Ms I bought yesterday.

  2. I think the only All-Star game that really matters is the Major League Baseball one. Winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series.

    We turned on the NHL All-Star game but we got bored with it so we ended up watching More Extreme Marksmen on the History Channel instead.


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