Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jingle *squeak* Jingle Bells Jing*squeak* All The Way

by Anne

Ok so on the advice of many, I've calmed the hell down, hahaha. All I have left to say about what was stressing me out is some boys are stupid and some boys are not.

The last 2 mornings I've dragged my sorry behind out of bed to head to my cousins' concerts at their respective schools.

Elizabeth (age 10, 5th grade) plays the flute and is in the chorus and her school is in the school district where I live so it took me, oh, 4 minutes to get there.

James on the other hand (age 11, 6th grade) goes to a school waaaaaaaaaayy over on the East side and I almost missed him play because the concert started early. But I heard his little beginner band play a few songs and he played a little duet in one of the songs and it was so adorable. Then his teacher took a picture with me and him and his mom and I will probably frame it because he looks so freakin' cute in his little tie. His goofy sister refused to smile for me when I was taking her picture. Booo!

They're so freakin' cute. Jimmy is especially funny, as I was about to leave he was like "When will I see you again?" He thinks I'm pretty much the coolest person ever. Please don't ruin this for him people. In a few years he'll realize what a dork I am and it'll all be over.

I have been Christmas shopping up a STORM over here, peeps. Yet I am still not finished. Boooooo.

WOW. MATS SUNDIN IS STILL NOT MAKING A DECISION. If anyone REALLY thought he was going to make an announcement today, I'm sorry for you. It was always possible but possible in the way that its possible that one day a man could give birth or someone could receive a facial transplant... wait, what? Both of those things already happened? Anyway, Mats is still unemployed. He just likes keep us on our toes and gets desperate when his name is not featured in the top stories on TSN. He's one panty-less getting out of a car shot away from being Paris Hilton. They guarantee in that article that he'll make a decision pre-Christmas but I'll believe it when I see it. $20 says he's back in Toronto after all this Canucks/Rangers blather. I like losing money.

I've been slowly writing this post all freakin' day long. Shopping and mailing and chatting is very distracting. I'm bored so I've decided to start closing posts with the latest Facebook status craze: Find the nearest book, flip to page 56, read sentence #5. I have a bazillion books so I will close my eyes and grab one off the shelf.

"David Petrakis is never, ever in trouble."

Yessss. What a great sentence. Hahaha. Um, so I have to see a play tonight and didn't realize until this morning that I never really asked anyone to go with me. Hmmmmmm. Well if anyone wants to see The Man Who Came to Dinner at the Theatreloft tonight, send me a message! Haha.

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