Friday, December 19, 2008

If Finals Weren't Over, I'd Probably Be Digging My Car Out Right Now

by Anne

Not that colleges are THAT cruel, I mean, UB did close when there were downed power lines... but only because the power was out in the gym so the basketball team couldn't play and the Asian students couldn't read by candlelight. Seriously, if you live on North Campus you can thank the Asian students for all the perks.

Anyway, I love snow. I love waking up and looking out my window and being unable to see anything resembling the actual ground upon which we walk.

MK (obviously) had school canceled today and she was pretty excited at the thought last night. I can't imagine much more would've gotten accomplished today, the last day of school before break. We all know how bouncing off the wall kids are the day before a break. Add to that cookies and candy and parties and stuff and its just that much crazier. So a day off works for everyone, I think.

My dog's vet appointment was canceled today so we'll have to wait to see if his meds are working for him. He's celebrating by frolicking in the snow and rolling over so I'll rub his tummy. Yeah, he's reeeeeeeeeal sick.

Tonight's game will be really interesting. Will people come? They were already having trouble selling tickets (you can still get lower bowl center ice behind the penalty box tickets)and with this weather, there will be a LOT of empty seats. Meaning it will probably cost me more in gas money to get to the game than I will make working the game. Boo. Maybe Matt Greene will score a goal for my benefit...?

Goose is hurt and will not play tonight :(

I'm looking forward to seeing what Butler has to offer the team tonight. We haven't been as excited about him as Kennedy and Gerbe, but I'm looking forward to see why Darcy decided to sign him and give him the shot over Weber. My theory on him getting tapped is first to see how he fares in a real high paced NHL game and because we really cannot afford Weber's penchant for taking copious penalties. He had 9 PIM in 2 games and that doesn't sound too bad but I recall his pre-season penalty stats to be well above average. He was a +12 in 16 games last year and -2 in 2 games this year. Butler has 12 pts (2+1) with 14 PIM, -3 and 50 SOG and Weber has 4 points (0+4), (get this) 68 PIM, +3, 22 SOG in 26 games.

Wow. I just let my dog in from outside and could barely open and close the door because the snow has blown up so high against the door. Yikes.

Moms and I are baking away up in here, peeps. We're working on my favorite cookies next, so it requires my full and undivided attention!!

Ok, but honestly, if I can't get to work how mad will I be that the first time in forever Matthew Greene comes to Buffalo and I won't be able to be there? haha. Lovely.

What a way to welcome the LA Kings to Buffalo. Hahaha, we ordered it up especially for you, Kings.

I kind of hope no one comes to the game tonight so I can chillax and just like hangout and watch the game with like 30 other fans in the 300s. If I'm not going to make any money, I'd at least like to be able to watch the game.

Woooooooooooooo!!!!!! I'm sure there will be like 5 more posts today as I wait around for the scary drive downtown. The game will be played as scheduled, FYI.


  1. eek. Good luck getting to work.

    I am in Williamsville now and still have to drive home (well ride, my brother in law drove, thank goodness) to Arcade. Yick. Snow sucks when you have places to be.

    I hope Greener scores for you!

    It sucks, if the Kings hadn't been able to get here there would be no game. I'm wondering if the Sabres will be able to leave for Montreal tonight/tomorrow. Hmm...

    Mmmm cookies! What kind are your favs?

  2. Yick. Snow sucks when you have places to be.

    I know! When we were kids it was like "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" now its "crap, I still have Christmas presents to buy!"

    I hope Greener scores for you!

    alas, he did not! none of them did, so it was really the next best thing.

    Mmmm cookies! What kind are your favs?

    Tea cakes. We call them Russian Tea Cakes but I'm really not sure what makes them "Russian".


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