Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Am So Smart, S-M-R-T/ Poll Update

by Anne

Woooooooo!!!!!! On a whim to see if final grades were posted yet, I checked out my final grades and weeeeeeeeeeee! Four As and 1 B. That B annoys me but I completely deserved it, haha. My unofficial GPA is 3.8 and its definitely the highest GPA I've had in my college career, and these were like real classes not a dance class and a show (yes we got grades for working on shows) and then like dramatic lit classes. I did wwwaayyyy more work this semester than I ever did at UB and it paid off. Ok, ok its Buff State, but I'm excited so don't ruin my fun. :-D

Ok, so the moment you're all waiting for. I'm going to list the top few for each category because listing them all would take forever. Sorry this is late but Moms and I were out stimulating the economy and taking advantage of amazing sales at the mall. Take THAT recession. Anyway, here are the standings thusfar:

Eastern Forwards:
Goose has the lead (20%) by a fairly large margin. The next 4 are:
Markus Naslund (13.33%)
Patrick Eaves (12.5%)
Scottie Upshall (11.67%)
Vinny Lecavalier (10%)

Eastern Defensemen: Andrew Ference has a slight lead with 19.7%
Craig Rivet (18.18%)
Luke Schenn, Mike Green and Antoine Vermette are all tied (13.64%)

Eastern Goalie:
Patrick Lalime (really?) (32.35%)
Rick DiPietro (26.47%)
Carey Price (23.53%)
Henrik Lundqvist (14.71%)
This category has 1 write in vote for Ryan Miller (written in by my Mom, she loves him)

The voting in the West is much more even and the top few change every time I check it:

Western Forwards:
Patrik Berglund (13.25%)
Jonathan Toews (10.38%)
Patrick Sharp, Ethan Moreau and Ryan Kesler are all tied (9.43%)
After them, there is a 5-way tie at 6.6%

Western Defensemen:
JM Liles and Shane O'Brien are tied for first (23.33%)
Sheldon Souray (1.67%)
Shea Weber and Andreas Lilja are tied (11.67%)

Western Goalie:
Andrew Raycroft has a healthy lead (37.93%)
Brian Boucher (24.24%)
Cristobal Huet (20.69%)
Dan Ellis (17.24%)

There ya have it. We've had SO MANY votes, its awesome. Keep voting! Its super fun checking the stats.

Can we just take a moment to discuss how awesome pop-up books are? Seriously. They're so much better than regular story books. Peg and I just bought some for my cousin's two kids. One is about going on a bear hunt (for the 5 year old) and one is about mice making cookies and the last page is this AWESOME giant gingerbread house. I considered picking up a copy for myself.

Also, speaking of Peg, last night we were discussing her choices for the poll (Peg <3 Ryan Miller) and she said of Mr. Patrick Sharp (and I quote) "Oh, he really floats my boat!" I burst out laughing and despite her protests, I declared it was going in the blog. Moms are funny. So Patrick, if Peg and Jim ever split up, I'd be on the look out for Peg to head on over to Chicago and look you up. Wooooo!

Oh and as if things couldn't get worse for him, Jay McKee is out indefinitely with a broken left ring finger. :(

Devils at the Arena tonight! See y'all there!!


  1. Poor Jay! ): I hope he makes a quick recovery!

    And I guess we all love our French-Canadian goaltender, haha. He's so cute.

  2. Yes and his oozing love for his girls just throws it over the edge.

  3. congrats on the good grades!

    I need to vote.


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