Saturday, November 29, 2008

That Was Pretty Much the Best Day Ever

by Anne



Thank goodness I'm home. That, like 38 hours I was gone was INTENSE. So much CHANGED while I was gone, new jerseys, the Sabres WON, turkey was eaten and I drank a lot of gin. Oh wait, that last thing is not so much "new" as it is "common".

I wish wish wish I could've watched that Boston game on Wednesday. It seemed as though it was quite a sexy time. It began the "Scored 1 goal tonight? Why not score another?" trend that's been carried on, more about that LATER.

So I took a totally BA nap in the car yesterday then got home in time to hit the bank, shower, do my hair (its a process, it takes TIME) and head off to the Arena, but not before my Dad told me he had filled the tank in my car and paid my parking ticket. Dads are awesome. Then I worked and went to a partay afterwards. Good times were had by all. Except the Pens, HA!

Then I made out like BANDIT in sales and THE SABRES WON!!! AND I WAS THERE!

GOOOOOOOSE!!! Staffy's two goals were a great example of "be in front of the net and good things will happen." How fitting that it was on a night that Dave Andreychuk (a guy who scored most of his NHL record powerplay goals by doing just what Staffy did, thank you for that info, Lindy Ruff) was honored and inducted into the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame. Good ol' Dave! Credit has to be given to Max for his "streaking in all alone and swervy turvying around until someone's at the net and BOOP! goal." Well done, Maxim, sometimes that actually works.

Goose's goals were just hard work. I know that being in front of the net is hard, but Goose muscled and fought and dug hard to get his goals so Double BAMF to them both. Yay!!

There was almost a shower of popcorn and Twizzlers as a certain vendor in section 322 was completely OUTRAGED when Brooks Orpik beaned Danny and knocked him over and made me... uh, I mean made HER have to watch him twitch in pain. NOT COOL, BROOKS, NOT COOL. I was seriously upset when it happened. DON'T YOU HURT PIE. Speaking of pie, my pecan pie was DELISH. I'll totally make you one. But don't hurt PIE. He should've gotten 2 extra minutes for upsetting a vendor. It may not be a penalty but it should be.

There was a random bunch of Flyers fans there. Who do they cheer for? I mean, they hate the Pens but are they really going to root for the Sabres? It seems unlikely.

All in all, an excellent game by the Sabres.

Quick WCB recap:

I've decided to just pick my top 3 WCBs for the night from now on rather than giving you all more to scroll through and skim, haha.

*Owen Nolan did his best Jochen Hecht impression and banked a goal in off of Tampa goaltender Mike Smith in a 4-2 home victory for the Wild.

**Ryan Getzlaf scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory for the Ducks over the Chicago Blackhawks. Jonas Hiller has been outstanding for the Ducks, going 4-0 in his last 6 games played. But WOO Getzy!

***He's not a WCB but the Coyotes' Enver Lisin who I first heard of the other day has a totally BA name.

Then today (Saturday) Moms, MK and I did some intense shopping. We hit several stores but didn't buy a whole lot. Today is Moms's birthday. She's 36 years young... wweelllll ok that might not be 100% accurate, but I'm just guestimating my Mommy's age for you all. MK (who is 25, for future reference in this story) just read Twilight and just saw the movie last night and said the movie was mostly disappointing except for the intense bangability factor of Robert Pattinson. All day she kept walking around saying "Oh my God he's so beautiful." "He's so hot" "Why is he so hot?"

This is the 500th post of Sabretooth's House. I can't even believe that. When this blog was started we figured we'd write in it a few times and forget about it. Well almost 11 months and 500 posts later, here we are! Still writing and still enjoying it. Thanks for reading our ramblings and commenting, its really been a lot of fun, especially the awesome comments from other bloggers who write awesome blogs that are funny and original. So, thanks everyone!

I actually type this blog on a typewriter from the mid 1920s


  1. WOOOOOOO!! 500 posts! That's AWESOME! I'm barely at 200, you gals put me to shame. Congrats! *Throws confetti*

  2. Happy 500 Post Day! Wooooo!!!!

    "I drank a lot of gin."

    I drank a lot of vodka/cranberry juice/amaretto.


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