Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Revamping My WCBs

by Anne

So after a month of hockey, I'm revamping some of my Western Conference Boyfriend choices. Now, to be one of Anne's WCBs, looks are not everything. In fact, if you were to take a gander at some of my favorite hockey players, not all of them are exactly appearing on the cover of GQ (see: Spacek, Jaroslav) but in spite of their, um.... non-traditional beauty, I continue to love them whole heartedly.

Nevertheless, an adorable smile was not enough to save Brett Lebda as he basically has sucked out loud this season. Therefore, I have gone to my good old standby of picking the team Captain when all else fails. It seems just too easy, but I don't care. Nicklas Lidstrom is my new Detroit Red Wings WCB.


I also have had to sever ties with dear sweet Marty Turco. At first my love seemed to help, but it appears that not even the glow of my approval and esteem can help Marty now. My usual default is then Captain, but Brendan Morrow has the same last name as my sister's boyfriend so that's weird. I'm a girl who likes a strong +/-, but, unfortunately, the team leader in +/-, a STAGGERING +2 is Sean Avery, so that option is out. I am still perplexed. I am a girl who likes self-deprecating offense and tough guys. Yes, I understand that the two are not quite the same, but WHATEV. I likes what I likes. (See: Paille, Danny and Rivet, Craigory). Therefore, basically because his name is on the cover of that picture of Cap'n Lids, I've decided that Fabian Brunnstrom is my Dallas Stars' WCB.

His hair style looks like its 1993 and I'm OK with that.

The rest of my boys are doing well enough to maintain their positions. Here are some questions you might be asking yourself:

"But Anne, Rick Nash hasn't scored a goal in 6 games, isn't that bad?"

Well, yes, it is, but Rick Nash's sick nasty goal from last season, and my general worshipping of him from afar for the past few years has him securely in place. Don't worry, Nasher!

"How can you love some of these players so much? I mean, do you love them more than the Sabres?"



I myself voted this morning at 7:15 and it felt good. REALLY GOOD. WOOOOOO!!!


  1. I don't blame you for dropping Marty Turco. Not at all.

  2. Maybe it's because I have nursing coming out of my ears, but every time you mention "WCBs" I think "WBCs" or white blood cells.

    Yay for voting! I had to do so via absentee.

    I got tickets to Sabres at Bruins on Nov. 19th and I'm oh so excited. We're all hoping that a certain someone gets pulled up in time.

  3. Poor Turks. I don't know what happened to him, poor guy. he finally got rid of those demons last spring with the playoffs, and now this happens.


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