Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Only Thing About Tonight That Was AWESOME

by Anne

Ok, winning was awesome, and snapping a 13 year home losing streak is awesome, but mostly tonight was blah for me. Three goals in the first was obviously awesome and causing a goalie to be pulled always makes me smile, even if that goalie is someone as lovable as Many Legace. However, after the first, most of the rest of the game was kind of a snooze fest with a few "this is unnecessarily stressful" moments sprinkled in for color. God bless goaltender interference penalties.

Nice to see Lee Stempniak get a goal, most people booed as they would any goal, but I'm realizing that most people don't know he's from West Seneca. He's no KANER, after all, haha. Jay McKee played but didn't do a whole heck of a lot, hence the reason he was almost benched for this one.

Anyway, the win feels good, but nothing feels better than this:

Look at Goose leaping out of the net to hug Hank.

If only there were video of the awesome "I just scored a goal!! I NEVER do that!" shimmy he did after! I actually got to watch that goal which is pretty awesome considering I have a habit of having my back to the action when goals are scored. Playing with Rivet definitely seems to have improved Hank's game and playing with Teppo seems to have improved Toni's. Alas, it seems last year's uhhh "dynamic duo" are separated for good.

Yayyyyy!!! The looks of pure joy on Goose and Pie's faces make me all warm and tingly inside.

Let's not forget our "Adam Mair Funny Face of the Night" shot:

Apparently this mythical "Tim Connolly" is hurt, I wonder why this was reported considering he no longer exists.

My former boss was there tonight, we did not have a lengthy conversation and I am OK with that. My high school economics teacher also purchased some foodstuffs from me tonight and did not show any signs of recognition whatsoever.

Daniel Alfredsson's creepy shorter twin brother who must apparently be a Sabres fan was there and stood around me a lot. Seriously, this guy looked EXACLTY like Daniel Alfredsson, it was crazy, I wish I had my camera.

Speaking of my camera, there is an epic FAIL moment in the 300 level signage that I need to take a picture of. I can't believe no one has ever mentioned it before, or seems to even notice the error. Foolishness.

Oh and, Yoyo, Mary J. Blige? Really?

Nasher FINALLY scored a goal tonight in a loss to the Arizona Desert Dogs and Peter Mueller had 1 assist in the win. Can you believe Shane Doan has NEVER had a hat trick? He had two goals and an assist tonight and his elusive hat trick still awaits him. 897th NHL game tonight, still no 3 goal game. Yeesh.

I'm going to bed before hearing anything about the Chicago or Vancouver games so let me just predict:

Congratulations to Patrick Sharp for scoing 16 goals and 9 assists and congrats to Big Bear for scoring 12 goals and 52 assists and for curing depression and sadness throughout the world with your pudgy little chipmunk face.

I don't think I'm really that far off the mark with my predictions. Thoughts?

As I was writing that last pararaph Taylor Pyatt and Jonathan Toews scored. There's only like 9 minutes left in the 'Hawks game, Sharpie better get crackin'.

Free beverage upgrades at Starbucks does do wonders for bad moods though, I must say.



  1. I have spent HOURS trying to find that photo of Rivet and Hank hugging with Goose charging towards them minus the watermark. HOURS! WHY CAN'T I FIND THIS PHOTO!!??

  2. I just posted this on your blog which is where you'll probably get it first but JUST IN CASE:

    5:35ish mark

  3. oh, but i can't find the photo, haha

  4. Look at Goose leaping out of the net to hug Hank.

    Goose is like a "Lock Net Monster." Ha ha ha... knee slapper.

  5. Best goal celebration, I've seen in a long time. Hank's Shimmy = Priceless!

  6. Speaking of my camera, there is an epic FAIL moment in the 300 level signage that I need to take a picture of.

    I must look out for this sign tomorrow when I go to the game. Good thing I'll have my camera ready and be able to whip it out and take a picture (if I'm sitting in the 300s, I don't even know yet.)

    And is it just me, or have the Sabres had some epic goal celebrations thus far?


  7. And is it just me, or have the Sabres had some epic goal celebrations thus far?

    The Kotalik-Vanek man love is the background of my desktop.

    Tallinder is going to be there soon.


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