Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On The Road Again...

by Anne

Today I drive the 330ish miles to South Central PA (thug life, yo) to spend Thanksgiving with the family. In order to stave off boredom I recruited my 11 year old cousin Jimmy to drive down with me.

I'll be missing all the drunken debauchery of Thanksgiving Eve tonight in Buffalo. :( But I will be dragging my sleepy behind back to Buffalo in time for Friday night's game.

Back to the story I KNOW you are all eagerly awaiting my take on:

Matt Greene scored his third assist of the season last night in a 6-2 loss to Iggy and the Flames. Iggy had a 2 point night (1+1) Newly named Vice-Flames WCB, Michael Cammalleri, also scored. Between he and Iggy they had 15 shots on goal. HOT.

BACK TO THE REAL STORY. Greener played just under 20 minutes this game (possibly a season-high in regulation) and some how managed to escape this 6-2 as a +1 and only 2 Flames goals were scored on the power play. So the pass wasn't exactly LIFE CHANGING, but it set up Dustin Brown with a solid shot on net and Anze Kopitar grabbed the rebound and put it past Kiprusoff. NOW GREENER IS ON PACE FOR 12 POINTS. WOOOOOO!!!! Iggy is currently on pace for 96 points (44+52) psshhhh, 96, 12, what's the difference...?

Iggy! Don't hurt Greener!
Do I have to separate you two?!?!

I just changed the "HEY! You have an email!" sound on my computer to one that sounds like someone is hitting a glass with a spoon and I'm not used to it so twice now I've thought my cat was on the table licking a glass or something and his name tag was hitting a glass. I'm such a champ.

These past few days have been a nice reprieve from the suffering and disarray caused by the Buffalo Sabres. I can't think about tonight's game too much, its too stressful.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have a good day and stay safe if you're going out and tipping a few back! Tip one back for me!!!


  1. Said debauchery will not be the same without you. I hope you realize that.

  2. We are going to drink our faces off tonight!

    The Sabres need to come out hitting hard and keep it up for 60 minutes of game time...also burying one of those "opportunities" Ruff likes to fondly bring up after every game as of late.

    Man I hate everything Boston...

  3. Be safe Anne! I've spent lots of time in South Central PA (Altoona), I feel your pain. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Anne! (: Drive safely! Especially since the weather is so wonky around here today.

    I have a really good feeling about the game tonight. I think it's the jerseys they'll be cracking out for tonight.


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