Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Love For the Pens Gets to Shine for a Night

by Anne

Bored and avoiding writing an outline for a final paper, I decided to watch the Pens take on the Red Wings tonight, assuming the Wings would make short work of the injury-riddled Pens. They suffered more woes as Rob Scuderi went down after taking a Lidstrom slapper off the ankle and Kris Letang was unaware of the "you're trying to STOP the other team from scoring" fundamentals of the game. The Pens were behind most of the game until Jordan Staal said "You know what? Screw this." and scored a hat trick to send the game to OT.

WHOA. That game was INTENSE. I joined the Puck Daddy live chat and it was pretty awesome, not gonna lie. I needed some intense hockey to lift my spirits with this lengthy break between Sabres games.

Jordan Friggin' Staal. Earlier in the night some jokers were talking trash about him, saying how he's been awful this season and then, look at that- a hat trick to shut them all up.

Rarely do games like these live up to their hype, but this one did just that and more. It was like a perfect metaphor for last season's cup finals: The Pens were outplayed and generally lackluster to start, but turned it up and gave a good run at the end, only this time, they WON.

WOO!!! Its not often I can get that worked up about a game in November that does not feature the Buffalo Sabres, but I was back in the playoffs again, living and dying on Jordan Staal's goal production.

This was the kind of game we were expecting from these two teams in the Finals: intense, fast, passionate, and high-scoring. If you recall, the Pens were shut out in the first TWO games of the Finals last season, causing Gary Bettman to weep openly at the one-sidedness of it all.

For those who might not be aware, the Pens rank a distant (but still beloved) 2nd in my hierarchy of favorite hockey teams, so I greatly enjoy watching them play, except when they beat the Sabres.... which I think they did 4 out of 4 times last season. Booooooooooo. I try not to take it personally.

Anyway, that game was totally wacky and I loved it. NOW, if only the Sabres can deliver up as much moxie tomorrow, I'll be a happy camper.


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  1. I didn't get to watch that game (shame on me; I've got the online Center Ice thing)... but I love seeing the Red Wings lose, and yes, it's purely because as a Buffalonian I resent their Cup wins.


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