Friday, October 3, 2008


by Anne

Ok, so CLEARLY everyone else but me and John Vogl knew that Nathan Gerbe wasn't going to be starting in Buffalo on October 10th. THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT HURTS ANY LESS!

Sigh. Ok so I was aware that my former Facebook BFF wouldn't be here for opening night but I still had a teensy weensy sliver of hope.

Bye Nate! Bye Tim! Play nice with the other AHLers!!!! Marek and Marc might need some comforting... that is if Marc clears waivers... which I hope he does. Yeesh.

Anyway, Stafford has what Lindy is calling "cauliflower ear" which my Dad told me is something boxers get. If weirdly swollen ears gross you out don't try to hang out with Drew Stafford any time soon or google the term "cauliflower ear". Ewwwww. That's whatcha get for fighting Drew, and by that I mean, WOOO way to fight, Drew!!!! Wear that broccoli, er, I mean brocciflower ear with pride!

Tim Connolly is hurt. However, Tim Connolly is dead to me. Him being hurt is immaterial if he's already dead.

HA I love fun stories from practice:

The team, as a whole, had some issues during one of the drills at the tail end of practice.

As the players stood at the redline, Ruff placed a puck outside the circle and selected a player to shoot it at the net on the other side of the rink – about three-fourths the length of the ice.

Miss the shot, the team skates a lap.

And skate they did.

More than 10 players took a shot, and none were successful.

Craig Rivet? Too high. Jason Pominville? Not even close.

“This is a professional hockey team,” Ryan Miller yelled.

Even the coaches were unsuccessful. Assistant coach James Patrick and goaltending coach Jim Corsi both caused another lap when they shot the puck wide.

Miller decided to take matters into his own hands.

With Clarke MacArthur ready to take his turn, the goaltender crouched down and aligned his stick with the net, trying to tee up the shot.

Finally, MacArthur hit the back of the net.

“I was actually proud of the fitness part of it,” Ruff said after practice. “I wanted to see them miss a couple times, but I don’t know about 15.

“I was disappointed in James [Patrick] the most. You’re supposed to lead by example and he’s one of the coaches… you can understand with Jimmy [Corsi]. His almost didn’t get [the puck] to the other end,” Ruff laughed.

Hahahahahaha. Good times. In their defense, some of those players did play 2 nights in a row and SOME didn't, RYAN MILLER.

Oh yeah, and be prepared for the return of Captain Clutch. Yee-haw.

TGIF!!! I'm excited to actually be able to WATCH the boys in Blue and Gold on Sunday!!!!! and we'll probably actually get to watch the Bills too! (don't even go there with WIVB and WNLO and Time Warner Cable, its so STUPID.)

Have a good weekend!!

Question for the comments:

Matt Ellis, good acquisition? Bad acquisition? Where does he start the season? If its Buffalo does he stay here after Goose is better? Let me know what you think of him!!


  1. Ryan Miller...laying down the law...

  2. I sooooo would have loved to have seen that!

  3. Ryan Miller...laying down the law...

    SOMEBODY went to the "become a jr. sheriff" tent at the Erie County Fair

  4. I sooooo would have loved to have seen that!

    Clarke was probably walking around like "Yo, Ryan Miller likes me best, in yo' FACE, Thomas Vanek."


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