Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pirates and Sabres ad Captains, oh my!

by Anne

I decided to peruse the Portland Pirates website last night, and came across this totally righteous picture:

There are so many awesome things about this picture

Nathan Gerbe's bright yellow pullover
His actually not-so surprisingly large calf muscles
Cracker's belly shirt and the fact that he appears to be about 9 feet tall.
(Do you think Sabretooth will ever try to eat Crackers?)

In case you were keeping track of the "Crackers Classic Golf Tournamet" (what a great name) This team did NOT defend their title. Boooooooo!!!!! Gerbeeeeee!!!

They kick off the season on Saturday against the Manchester Monarchs, AHL affiliate of the LA Kings (I love when AHL and NHL teams names are similar). Last season the Monarchs finished 4th in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference, 1 spot behind Portland... and they were swept out of the first round of the Calder Cup Playoffs. Whoops! Anyway, should be a good start to the season for them.

This is the first season where I feel I have a strong enough grasp of the NHL that I can branch out and try to learn about the finer points of the AHL. Therefore, it would've been nice if the Amerks were still our affiliate, but as they are not, I am not discouraged: GO PIRATES!!! WOOOOO!!!! PORT-LAND! PORT-LAND! PORT-LAND!

AND they're giving out thundersticks at the opening game. AWESOME.

Their seating sections have fun Pirate-themed names too:

Personally, I think they should change "Quarter Deck" to "Poop Deck"
Too bad no one called and asked for my input.
Do you think the locker room is called like "The Cabin"?
Do they call the equipment manager the "Boatswain"?
Are they "Port Wing" and "Starboard Wing"?
I've got a million of these.

Can we just discuss that their athletic trainer is named Robert Frost?

The most expensive ticket to any regular season game is $21 if bought ON game day. Pre-sale its $20. WOW. I NEED TO START LIKING THE AHL A LOT MORE.

Ummm, the Flyers lost a game to their own AHL affiliate as they said good-bye to the Spectrum...again. Quoi? I thought they already said goodbye to the Spectrum, but whatevs. Should Flyers fans be nervous because the NHL team lost to the AHL team? Or excited because they clearly have some talent in the system?!!!

News of the captaincy drops today after practice!!! As Kate so eloquently pointed out, we have really no idea what exactly makes a good captain or which Sabre actually possesses those talents, so, as excited as I am to hear, and as willingly as I offer up my blatherings on my choice for captain, I will be perfectly happy to accept whatever choice our own "Ruff Rider" makes. (Thank you,

Woooooooooo!!!!!!! 2 more days til opening night!!!! YAYYY!!!! WOOOOOO!



  1. (Do you think Sabretooth will ever try to eat Crackers?)

    It would totally make my life to watch Sabretooth stare down Crackers with that death-glare of concentration that cat's get before they pounce. Oh, the hilarity.

  2. The first thing I noticed in that golf tournament photo was how much Gerbs has calves like Max does. They look exactly the same.

    If any hockey arena had a section named 'The Poop Deck', that might end up being my most favorite arena ever. Doesn't the name of it just make you want to sit in that section?


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