Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Worst Part About This, Is That If it's True I'm Probably Going to See it

by Anne

Pardon me while I attempt to clean up the contents of my breakfast that were reintroduced to the world after reading an article from the Hollywood Reporter.

New Line Cinema is apparently decided that vomitous two legged hump of a human being, Sean Avery is film worthy.

Just, just, ugh, oh god, just read about it.

WHY? WHY SEAN AVERY? Like, really, why did it have to be SEAN AVERY? I'll tell you why, because he knows he isn't going to be remembered for being a great hockey player, so he's trying to make his impact on the world in other ways. GREAT. THANKS SEAN!

I need to take a shower.


  1. What garbage!

    Continuing to prove the theorem that Sean Avery=Garbage

  2. do they WANT us to go blind??

    I think that they're hoping the portion of the population that doesn't know who Sean Avery is will be the ones to see this movie. I don't think they'll be marketing it to Devils' fans.


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