Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pre-Season "Game" #1

by Anne

So last night's game got me all worried and riled up and foolishness. I was like "WE LOST 7-4 TO THE MAPLE LEAF ROOKIES?!?!?!?! FORGET THIS TEAM!!! I HATE YOU ALL!!!! BURN DOWN THE ARENA!!! GIVE ME DARCY REGIER'S HEAD ON A PLATTER!! THIS IS ALL BECAUSE WE LOST BIG BEAR!!!! OK THAT LAST ONE PROBABLY ISN'T TRUE!! GAHHHHHH!!!.... but on a totally not-related note Heroes was AWESOME."


Then I got home and read the lines from last night's game and they were totally ridiculous. So many veterans didn't play that I'm not going to bother listing them all. I'm just forget about the game. It was the hockey equivalent of a first stumble through - it was really rough, but it wasn't like we had our top lines. I mean, come on, Yo-Yo was playing without Pommer. How is he supposed to focus while most of his energy is going into babysitting Stafford and Pie? Hank was playing without Tone, how is he supposed to be able to concentrate with his team life partner up in the press box? At least Roysie and Vanek were both out, because one without the other is just a mess.

Don't freak out. Although... Miller did allow in 3 of 11 shots.... errrrrrrr, ok that's fine, I suppose I can get over that.... right....?

Whatev. S(h)ara was talking me down from a ledge and she's right; its not worth freaking out over. Its one pre-season game with some cracked out lines and pairings.

Tonight is the big "Hockeyville" game. The NHL wants to put on a good game for Roberval, and because the Habs and Sabres will probably play some competitive hockey, I'm sure Lindy will play the top lines. Pommer will play for sure, and maybe he'll be rocking the "C". Hecht had it last night, which works just fine for me. As long as the C is on Pommer, Hecht, Teppo, Gaustad, Spacek or Roy, I'm really fine with it. Hell, I'd probably be ok with Rivet rocking the C.

Sidenote, Kevin Sylvester's game blog was awesome and I hope he keeps doing it. I love blogs and hockey and hockey blogs and Kevin Sylvester even though someone told me he's a jerk. WHATEVER. He posted a picture of Elmo. I love him. And his blog. Don't deny our love.

I wanted to post pictures from Puck Drop but they're really bad because my camera sucks, so instead I bought a new camera, a Kodak Easyshare with higher megapixels and better optical zoom. Its not a Canon or anything, but it was an inexpensive refurb from Overstock and it'll be better than the camera I have now.

Wooooo!!!!!!! Pre-season game #2 tonight!!! Soooooo its not being broadcast on MSG or Versus or anything, but let Rick Jeannerett's dulcet tones soothe you through what will hopefully be a better game. Listen to Harry Neale ramble about God only knows what and say all the wrong things that make you want to just throw the radio across the room and start cheering for the Thrashers. The THRASHERS, HARRY. SOMETIMES YOU MAKE ME WANT TO CHEER FOR THE THRASHERS. I HATE Ilya Kovalchuk.

Whatever, HOCKEY IS BACK!!!

Hey Facebook BFF! Hope you play tonight! Love ya!

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  1. What a good sport Miller was to play along with the Elmo bit on the jumbotron.


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