Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Should Start LiveBlogging My Class -and- the Dallas Stars

by Anne

If you read this blog on Tuesday and Thursday, chances are good at least some of that post was written during my 8am class. I'm basically the poster child for academic integrity and attentive note-taking. I'm looking around the room and of the 400 or so people that are supposed to be here right now, there are probably 250 and about 50 of them are asleep.

I was perusing the Dallas Stars website this morning. Why, you ask? I dunno, just cuz, why not? Right?!



Ahem, the latest entry was done by defenseman Matt Niskanen. Thank the LORD his topic was "team building". Who doesn't love wacky stories about the boys participating in hours long workshops in self-esteem building where each player sits in the middle of a circle and his teammates sitting around him listing all the things they like about him. Then there are trust falls and light refreshments.

ANYWAY, here's the Dallas' Stars version of team building:

This trip out to Colorado is kind of our first real road trip. It’s a chance to do some different team bonding, stuff like the fishing and the golfing, to get guys together off the ice. We’re going to a ranch up in the mountains tonight, which should be fun. We’re going to shoot some old Western guns, do a little bit of horseback riding, stuff like that. We did this same thing last year, and it was a blast. Hopefully none of the new guys are nervous about getting on a horse! The weather’s awesome here – a little cooler at night, perfect weather for stuff like this. Last year we had a fire and a barbecue afterward, and it was a great way to spend the evening as a team.
WHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT??? A dude ranch, shooting guns, horseback riding? They've done this BEFORE? These are HOCKEY players, not FOOTBALL players. They're used to being inside where its COLD.

Hahahahahahahahaha. DO THEY ALL WEAR CHAPS AND SPURS?!?! I want y'all to just take a moment and envision Sean "I'm boning the former Mrs. Calvin Klein" Avery roughing it out on the range with the cattle, tendin' to the steaks on the grill and ropin' some steers. WHAT A GREAT SCENE IN THAT MOVIE ABOUT HIS LIFE THIS WILL BE.

There are a few choice moments from the other blogs, but as this is not a Dallas Stars blog, I'll just link ya to 'em. Loui Ericksson signing off his blog entry (Day 3) because Joel Lundqvist and he had to go play some table tennis, did make me chuckle. Nicklas Grossman (Day 4) made a steak and potatoes dinner for all the Swedes he could find in the greater Dallas area. AND NICKLAS GROSSMAN REVEALS THAT PRATTERS HAS BEEN RELOCATED TO DALLAS!!! Awwwww, I love Pratters!!!!!! Brad Richards (Day 9) is apparently on the verge of becoming BFFs with Sean Avery. Uhhhhh. STOP!! DALLAS FANS, DOOOOOOO SOMETHING!!! help them adjust to Dallas APART. If Brad Richards starts working at Cosmo and wearing jaunty little Ralph Lauren peacoats and having NHL rules modified because of his shenanigans, don't say I didn't warn you!!

So on the Nate Gerbe front. It was frankly waaaayyyyyy more entertaining when he refused to be my Facebook friend and I dedicated a great deal of energy attempting to remedy that situation. We're lifelong Facebook BFFs but only on PAPER. I can't see like anything on his profile. I'm considering ending our online fake/not real because he wouldn't know me if he fell over me relationship... is that rash? The persuit was really the fun part, now that its over, I feel kind of shortchanged, hahahaha.

We're watching a video in class and a girl straight up got a PONY for her 10th birthday. Anne= JEALOUS.

Well class is over, check ya laterrrrrrrrr

ETA: This was the first entry ever tagged "Nolan Pratt" weird.


  1. I ADORE NOLAN PRATT!!! I kinda miss him... Whatev.

    Okay, so I totally have friends (kinda sorta) near Dallas, so I'm thinking a trip down there to punch Sean Avery in the face for getting too close to the gorgeous Brad Richards is in order. I feel like whenever I see Avery in his fashionable(?) outfits, I'm watcing either Legally Blonde and he's playing the (gay, pretending to be straight) pool boy, or a product of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Either way, he should not be wearing a hockey jersey.

    AND I WANNA GO TO A DUDE RANCH!! I have a thing for cowboys... Maybe that's why I like Nathan Paetsch so much...

    And I think it's time for you and the little one to go your separate ways. I believe it's for the best, Anne. It was all about the chase; I understand.

  2. Live blogging class is the best idea I've heard all week. And I love when players blog too! I like hearing their take on things.

  3. And I think it's time for you and the little one to go your separate ways. I believe it's for the best, Anne. It was all about the chase; I understand.

    you're right. I think its time to man, er woman up and "remove friend". Awwwww.

  4. Live blogging class is the best idea I've heard all week. And I love when players blog too! I like hearing their take on things.

    I may liveblog my class on Thursday, lol. I love hearing players in their own words and occasionally being reminded that they actually are people outside of being our beloved hockey players.


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