Thursday, September 4, 2008


by Anne

Thanks to Amy at Shots off the Crossbar for pointing out the Getty Images gallery of the event held at the NHL Store in Manhattan yesterday featuring our very own Ryan Miller.

A few choice snapshots:

Ricky and Millsey discussing their disappointment over the season premiere of Gossip Girl
Ricky trying to explain that James is really Marcus and he's really British and not American.

Wow. That guy over Millsey's shoulder is the happiest looking person this picture and he looks more skeptical than happy.

What is wrong with that girl? Unless PKane is repeatedly kicking the back of her seat and repeatedly demanding that someone buys him pretzel bites with that nacho cheese sauce because he spent his entire contract on comic books and porn, how could anyone look that unhappy when in such close proximity to Rick DiPietro? More importantly, how can any female that close to Rick DiPietro refstrain herself from touching him in ways most would deem inappropriate for the public arena? Granted she may be forced to restrain herself because PKane is there, and can't handle such displays. THIS may be why this lady looks so displeased. It is truly the only logical explanation for such a sour puss

With the exception of 1 shot where the two of them are alone, and one where they're talking to kids, Ricky and Millsey didn't smile at all in these pictures. Too much partying the night before? Did someone just tell you that you'd be missing that nights episode of Project Runway?

So many questions, so few answers. I have to go to class now. Boooooooo. Check ya later.

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  1. Miller looked like he was having a pretty good time during their taping of that XM Radio Show (the in-studio one, not the one at the NHL Store).

    I still can't figure out why Kane's father is there. The kid is over 18 and legal, so does he really need a chaperone?


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