Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AHHHHHHH So Much Bloggy Love

by Anne

OK. So first Pommer had a "blog" he updated like once every three months when someone from called him and asked him to.

Then Millsey had a blog for the playoffs which was AWESOME and we could actually comment on it, and he actually answered one of my questions because we're BFFL. Its TRUE.

Then Adam Burish kept us posted on the World Championships in May.

Then Tim Kennedy blogged about Development Camp, now about Rookie Camp, ok that was only once, hopefully he updates it again.

AND NOW Thomas McCollum, goaltender from Sanborn, NY drafted 30th overall this year by the Red Wings is posting a blog on Wooohooo! Granted, he posted on Sunday but who ever said I was on top of things?

A few samples from another native son of WNY:

Hi everyone. First of all, thanks for reading.

No problem. I have homework to avoid doing, thanks for writing to help me avoid it.

And then, if I’m able to stop a couple of their forwards, I think I would be pretty happy.

Dear Thomas,

Please stop more pucks than you allow in. This is the basic job description of a goaltender. The higher percentage of shots you stop, the more likely you are to play in the NHL.

This has been "Hockey 101" with Anne. Thank you.

I’m actually really looking forward to meeting Chris Osgood. He’s a great goalie, he’s got tons of experience, and it will be really something to get a chance to talk to him.

Do be careful Tom, you ARE there to take his job one day. Don't get too attached to him.

He didn't have any good dirt on his teammates or amusing stories about half-man half-lobster creatures, but I suppose his next blog entry could hold more juicy details about his teammates. Someone's GOT to talk with their mouth full or never changes his underwear or steals other people's sock tape. (Ok I'm sure its not really called "sock tape." I don't know what its called but you all knew what I meant, didn't you?)


Thomas Vanek has started keeping an online "Diary" they're calling it. But, its a blog. Just say it Thomas, say blog.

Of course there are no rude attacks during those little games
Does everyone remember the Power Play episode where Kaleta talks about how he hit Vanek a little too hard in a scrimmage once? HA. I bet that doesn't happen anymore, hahaha.

Rookie camp is already under way and I got to know a few of the young guys over the last days when they were practicing with the veterans: Gerbe, Kennedy, Butler – we’ll be hearing a lot about those guys in the future

Ha. Unlike McCollum's blog which is the rookie looking to the vets, this is a vet a little more hesitant about the fact that Gerb-dogg is hot on his heels. Wooooo!!! I loves me some vying for roster positions. Not that Vanek has to worry about his spot at all, but its still funny to think about:
Anyway, the club did a good job at the draft and everybody at training camp will have to fight for his roster spot, no matter what he achieved in the last years.
Ok Tom, we get it, you are your own worst critic. Please stop now. Start being badass and talking smack and all that stuff. Please? It could go a long way towards your petition for #5.

So many Tom's blogging about hockey, I'm confused.

GASP! If Gerbmeister makes the roster, does that make ANOTHER player in the running for #5? So far its: Rivet, Sekera, Mair, Vanek and POSSIBLY Gerbe. CHAOS. Mair is the front runner followed closely by Vanek and Rivet. Sekera's gotta come out of the gates FLYING to make strides towards #5.

Oh yeah, I was in the Arena yesterday and other than the fact that it was EFFING FREEZING as they put in the ice surface, it was pretty sweet. I get to feel all important with my security badge. I don't think my security clearance allows me to hangout in the locker room or take pictures of the players as they exit the showers, but no one said anything about that specifically so I'll just have to assume I can. SWEET.

I have to go back for more training tomorrow. Awesome. I have to wear a hat. a HAT. I look TERRIBLE in hats. I already have to rock what I'm SURE will be a supremely unflattering unisex polo shirt, and now I also have to wear a baseball cap. Gross.

Whatev, is it really only Wednesday? Booooo. Less than 2 days until training camp!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

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