Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Aboard, Three New Players

by Anne

Ok So I figure I'll kind of acknowledge the three players we've signed recently.

First on our plate:

Colton Fretter

  • Born March 12, 1982 in Harrow, Ontario
  • Parents are Doug and Susan Fretter
  • Plays right wing
  • Shoots right
  • 5'10" 187 lbs
  • Drafted in the 8th round by the Atlanta Thrashers in 2002
  • Attended Michigan State University where he majored in kinesiology
  • Jagr is/was his favorite NHL player
  • He hits hard

  • He's never played a game in the NHL
  • His nickname is "Fretz"

Up next we have Colin Murphy

  • Born April 11, 1980 in Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • He's 6'0, 195 lbs
  • He attended Michigan Tech University
  • Plays Left Wing
  • Shoots L
  • His nickname is Murf
  • He hates waiting in traffic
  • He has a son named Easton
  • His favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy
  • His favorite movie is 8 mile
  • Played last three seasons with the Toronto Marlies
  • He fights a lot:

  • He has also never played a game in the NHL

Finally we have Tyler Bouck:
  • Born January 13, 1980 in Camrose, Alberta
  • He was drafted 57th overall in 1998 by the Dallas Stars
  • He plays Right Wing and/or Center, different sites listed him as both
  • Shoots Left
  • Spent most of his career in the AHL but has played 91 games in the NHL
  • In the NHL he has 12 points (4+8) with 93 PIM
  • Most significantly, Tyler was the Captain of the Portland Pirates last season, so he'll be staying with the fanbase there, and I'm betting the Pirates fans are glad to see him stay. I think its a good move by management
  • Played Junior hockey for the Prince George Cougars
  • He owns a ferret named Glenn Close

That last fact may or may not have been completely made up, you be the judge.

I think I'm in a Facebook group declaring that Kris Letang does not have a Facebook profile and people want to take down the profile that claims to be him. One of the Sabres' prospects I'm friends with invited me to join. The reason I'm uncertain is that both the name of the group and group description are in French. Based on what told me, I deduced the previous mentioned belief.

So Bryan McCabe is apparently willing to waive his no trade clause to consider a trade to certain teams. This is going to be a quite a different Maple Leafs team that in was in 07-08. Will they be better without Sundin if he doesn't come back? No, of course not, but they seem to be playing it smarter with the contract situations which is the first step in a slow, steady rebuilding process (cough Tampa Bay cough).

YO did anyone else see the smack talk Sean Avery laid down on the New York Rangers when he was being introduced as a new member of the Dallas Stars? He basically said that he was excited to be going to a team that was a lot better than the team he had just left. WOW. I mean, I don't think New York is great but ouch, Sean Avery, ouch.

I will say only this about the still as yet unresolved Pommer extension situation: I'm really afraid of what will happen with offer sheets if the Sabres decide to wait until then to sign him. In the past few days its crept into my mind that Larry, Darcy and Tom might be considering parting with Pommer. That thought makes me feel positively ill. Then I remind myself how public and vocal they were about taking care of his contract in this off-season before his market value sky rockets. I hope to Bob he isn't thinking about leaving us. :(


No, Anne, you said August 25th. I'll push it back. Labor Day (this way its after classes have started and I won't have as much stress) is when I'll start openly fretting about my #1's contract. JJP DON'T LEAVE ME! IT RHYMES!!


I stil need 25 things don't I? I'll work on that.

Today I'm hopefully getting a new tattoo and seeing Wall-e, but unfortunately that means something will come up and I won't see it.

If I buy the Jonas Brothers new album on Tuesday, does that make me a weirdo? I kind of like them. If I were like 15 right now I guarantee you I would've been OBSESSED and Kevin would've been my favorite.... even though I couldn't remember one of their names today. It was Joe, btw.

One year ago today I adopted my KITTEN, our fearless mascot, Oscar.

Before him, I for real HATED cats

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  1. 1. I love our new tough guys!
    2. He owns a ferret named Glenn Close??? What???
    4. Jacob Lagace's group, right? It's all in French. haha I laughed at that.
    5. Oscar's a cutie.


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